7 Tips To Successfully Rebrand Your Business

7 Tips To Successfully Rebrand Your BusinessSo, you’re thinking of taking the image of your business in a new direction with a rebrand. Congratulations! It’s a big step, but it’s one that can pay off if done well. Maybe you’re hoping to announce changes in your product or service line, create an image that fits your marketplace better, or you just want to stand out from your competition. No matter why you decide to rebrand, consider these seven tips as a guide to a successful and positive rebranding process.

1. Do your Research

Take the time to learn what’s going on in the marketplace, as well as what your competitors are doing to become or stay successful. That’s easier said than done—if your business relies on digital marketing to capture and follow through on leads, there are free tools like Open Site Explorer you can use to make competitive research a little easier.

2. Plan, plan, plan

The best laid plans…often work out pretty well. Take the time to determine what you want your new brand to convey about your products and services, identify your target audience, and create a schedule to keep you on track from start to finish. Using a project calendar can help you and your team stay on schedule on everything from brand revisualization to public launch—consider Google’s free Calendar or Trello for easy sharing.

3. Expand your Vision

A successful brand is more than an image, but its conception often starts with visual elements like a logo. Use your research and planning to inform your vision. If you’re not visually inclined or you don’t have someone on staff to handle logo design, consult a professional to generate ideas or create a logo for you.

4. Get new Marketing Collateral

Even if you’re a primarily digital business you’ll need new print materials—from business cards to brochures. Services that offer design help often can also help you print all new materials with your new brand for a reasonable price.

5. Give yourself a Digital Facelift

Just as you’ll need new print materials, you’ll need to revamp your web presence as well. This is more than just your website: your social media accounts will have to be updated. Be sure to get your employees involved in the update: if they have social media accounts that represent your brand, be sure they also update their own profile information online.

6. Announce your new Rebrand—but do it Strategically

Unveiling a rebrand takes both time and patience. You want to be sure that your new and improved brand is given the attention to deserves. Would a soft reopening or update be better for your brand, or would you rather reach out to customers individually via email? Think about what will work best for you and your community.

7. Promote and Publicize

Once all the hard work has been done, it’s time to c
elebrate! You’ll have planned this part of the process, but it’s still important to be sure you’ve contacted all the right media outlets and done your own legwork, both online and off, to make sure people know about your rebranding. Take out a few ads, host a party for your customers or clients, and have fun!

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