British Family Makes Headlines By Bringing Into Light The Unavailability Of UK Made Clothing

A British Family has recently hit the headlines by making stunning vow to buy all British made products and even stating that they had not ventured to the high street to buy clothes for a long seven months citing that the big brands of the country stay away from homemade fashion apparel.

UK made ClothingThe family members of James Bradshaw have even started to track down several websites that sell clothes made in the United Kingdom. They simply manufacture garments of their own in their home and do not buy clothing apparel of any other country from the markets of Britain.

The Bradshaw family received immense attention in the country after their idea to rely on British manufactured items was posted in an internet blog called Snowballed. Meanwhile, the coming month would observe a ‘British Family’ fete that would be supported by more than 40 participating companies.

According to Mr. Bradshaw, they were able to get most of the country-made things required for living from the stores of UK, even at extremely cheaper price. Even the electronic goods of the brands made in United Kingdom were cheaper in comparison to the foreign ones. However, they struggled to find clothing apparel from their own country. The head of the family even outburst his anguish and amusement stating that he does not understand the reason behind big retailers of the country not investing or doing much to promote country-made clothing throughout Britain.

He even stated that there was a variety of odd websites; but his wife had started to produce clothes for them at home itself. There are several chain stores that are explicitly discussing to launch garments made in Britain. However, the promise is still unfulfilled.

With a view to these developments, The Daily Telegraph came up with a report stating that John Lewis was sending back a portion of their textile production to the United Kingdom from Europe. However, the departmental store chain insisted that it is very hard to source out clothing apparel manufactured in the United Kingdom. Presently, the company would be starting to repatriate innumerable products ranging from sheets to towels.

Once an associated brand of UK fashion industry, Marks & Spencer had even initiated to redirect investments back into the clothing apparel manufacturing industry of Britain. They had even claimed that the best range of British clothing is manufactured in over 14 locations of the country, which even include Carlisle, Manchester and Leicester.

To add to woes to this information revealed by Bradshaw family, it is also reported that a leading fashion chain of the United States, J Crew, is all set to charge 40 percent extra from all British customers, than what they initially charge at any store at New York. The company is eying to open their store in London near the end of this year. This has even spurted a wave of protests in many quarters of the British society. The founder of Consumer Action Group, Marc Grander even exclaimed that it is unfair for the US company to think that the citizens of Britain can pay more price than the Americans.

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