Food Waste Recycling Can Yield Profits

July 31, 2013 Food No Comments

Proper treatment of waste materials is a matter of concern for most countries, especially when the cities are teeming with population. In order to solve the issue some authorities are taking advanced steps not just to treat the waste materials especially food waste but also to encourage the masses to eagerly participate in the venture. A glaring example in this revolution could be the New York City.

Food WasteHowever, other cities and suburbs have already started with their recycling venture. They had already ordered the citizens to separate different kinds of household trash like plastic, metal, glass, etc. and food scrap would just be a new addition to this list. Regular pick-up of domestic dumps initially was done on a regular basis. Recently programs for recycling of food waste have been launched. New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is hopeful that such innovative ideas will definitely help people to get a better environment and consequently learn from it.

The city levies a certain amount of tax on the collection of garbage irrespective of the quantity of trash generated. New York officials inform that around $100 dollar is spent every year only for treating this food waste. Therefore, with a conscious effort from both the citizens and the authority this amount could be saved, which is spent annually for land filling fees and shipping.

Waste management experts opine that instead of treating this waste as waste, the government can actually earn from it. Converting the food waste, this is biodegradable, into compost. This in turn will be further converted into biogas, to be used as fuels in vehicles and as electricity.

Nevertheless, no matter how much novel the idea is, it is not without hindrances. One such major problem is the one faced by authorities when it comes to dealing with the apartment buildings. Most residents find it laborious to come all the way to the dumping ground to throw away their trash. Therefore, provision could be made for them at least on some floors.

San Francisco is far ahead of many cities. In 2009, the city authority has already made the recycling of food scrap compulsory. It encourages the residents to separate the food materials from other wastes and in order to motivate them it gives incentive.

Following their footsteps, New York City Corporation initially encouraged voluntary participation to spread awareness. About how to treat food waste the major ingredient of domestic dump. The pilot project will certainly teach the citizens, the Mayor is hopeful. He also supplies that the pilot program is now reachable to a few thousands, but by 2014, it is expected to touch at least about 100,000.

Households and schools of Westerleigh section of Staten Island are already benefitting from this service and residents of Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens will soon receive it too. Mr. Bloomberg announced a chain of campaigns known as “Recycle Everything” which would be milestone towards setting up a better environment.

Certain moves, which are adopted by the San Francisco, might never be applicable in New York. Like the inspection every morning to see whether the trash are separated.  They carry report card and authority to impose fine.

More than 180 cities are moving towards their goal, with San Francisco aiming to recycle almost 90 percent of their waste by 2020.

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