How to increase demand for your product in 2013?

It is easy to lose yourself thinking about the plans, the structures, the sales, the marketing ideas, the stocks etc. But what we are forgetting here is to raising demand. Raising demand for a product solves the following problems:

  • Lack of Production and Sales
  • The need to find a good marketing tactic
  •  Prevents spending too much money on marketing
  • Solves the problem of stock space
  • Popularity brings more popularity: Buyers are willing to buy something that is already being bought by other people with the mentality that it will bring more value if it is wanted by others (or simply they dont want to be topped by others)

So, in order to solve all of these, i will enlist a few things you might want to do increase demand for your product.

1 – Improve looks of the package

All i know that, it is a subconscious thing to choose something that is more shinier ( it comes from the evolutionary knowledge that something that is colorful and shiny makes a bigger impact ). We often buy products that have a better looking package without even realizing we do it for the package. People might buy something that looks better outside for reasons like:

  • It will attract their friends attention
  • The colors look tasty
  • They may like buying newest of the products always

So in conclusion, you will better the chances of  your product being bought by the customers by bettering the packages looks.

2 – Improve something and brag about it

When we first launch a product, or have a product with reliable fans, we forgot that we can always improve things. Improve the package looks, improve the taste, improve the electricity flow, improve the functionality, improve everything.

Reason for so many improvements is that you can name your product “Version 2” or make a list of the improvements and get users to give your product another chance.

3 – Get an online store for it

Getting an online store for your product will not only help you reach much more users world-wide, but will also get your brand the name of “modern”, a brand that has a good looking and functional website. Get an official domain such as .com with your brands’ name, have some online marketing expert (or better yet, a Search Engine Optimization Engine expert) do the spread the word part for you, add all of your products, get a good e-commerce software (as explained in my top e-commerce software article) and get your word heard.

4 – Do Market Research and Surveys

Lets say, you are selling mashed potatoes. You have hundreds of possible clients desiring a hot plate of mashed potatoes right now. How will you create the best mashed potato brand out of there?

Simple. Ask your users questions like:

  • What would you like included in your mashed potatoes?
  • Which potatoes you think you can make the best mashed potatoes out of?
  • What do you think that is lacking in the most mashed potatoes?
  • What is your favorite recipe of mashed potatoes

Get users opinions and offer what they want back to them. They will love it.

Thanks for the read and see you soon!





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