Marc Jacobs Beauty Line Launched

As being informed by the reliable source that designer Marc Jacobs, who is considered as the person defining the present cultural scenario of the nation has launched Mark Jacobs Beauty on August 9. The source also revealed that the 120-piece of collection includes 16 several products that ranges from pumps to perfume.

Women can get the first look of the exclusive collection that also includes four makeup brushes on August 9 in selected Marc Jacobs’ stores as well as Sephora.

Marc JacobsAccording to the sources the round, shiny packaging and bold names of color of the collection represent typical Marc Jacobs tradition. It is evident that women especially fashion conscious women of the nation are surprised to recognize the fact that these are quite grown up formulations. However, it is remarkable to note that this collection is typically created for party wear. Therefore, it would be wrong on the part of the users if they thought to use it without attending a party or any special occasion.

The reliable source provides the information about the details contain of the collection with the hope that this short glimpse of the outstanding product would make them glad and satisfied.

In case, someone wants to remove shine, diffuse flaws, and brighten, the Perfection Powder Featherweight Foundation that is available in 10 shades is the perfect choice for her. The Remedy Concealer Pen in Up All Night can offer effective outcome if someone wishes to remove the aftermath of previous night. This product s claimed to be all-in-one brightener, eraser and corrector that refresh skin with a palladium tip. O!mega Bronze Perfect Tan is available in Tantric shade while the Shameless Bold Blush is available in nine different shades.

One can expect to find the Magic Marcer Precision Pen Eyeliner in Blacquer, which is a waterproof liquid liner. As informed, this product is designed to create a deep black and shiny outlook that is created with the help of a calligraphy-shaped pen. Beauty Lash Lifter Gel Volume Mascara is also included in Blacquer that contains an especial technology known as “E-Lash tic technology” that would act like Spandex to curve, lift and volumize lashes. This product is apparently run-proof, flake proof, life proof and clean with only warm water. It is significant while the former product costs $30 the later one costs $26.

The Style Eye-con No.7 is appeared in four combos while The Style Eye-con No.3 comes in six pairings. The Brow Tamer Grooming Gel is soft hold and tack free. In addition to these, one can get five more shades of waterproof Highliner Gel Crayon.

Plumping Lip Vinyl is available in 12 shades and costs $28. This is inspired by music and infused with champagne grapes. Lip Lock in Makeout includes SPF 18, mint and oils. The most attractive product for lips is perhaps Lovemarc Lip Gel that comes in 16 attractive shades and each of the shade is said to be inspired by one of the favorite movies of Jacobs. This gel lipstick is highly pigmented and contained optical volumizers.
Enamored Hi-shine Lacquer comes in 24 attractive and unique shades that even include Jezebel. This offers a plasticized wet look that seemed to be appeared as 30 coats of polish.

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