What Celebrity MasterChef Winners Are Doing?

A recent report from a reliable source reveals that many winners of Celebrity MasterChef are now entirely detached from being food professional. This raises an important question among the common people that whether the only purpose of participating in the program is self-promotion.

Celebrity MasterChefIt is significant that none of the celebrity participants were in cul-de-sac jobs waiting to win that would catapult them into a desirable career. However, sources informed that five celebrities among the seven winners have endorsed their love of cooking to some extent.

It is noteworthy that among the seven winners, Lisa Faulkner who was titled as Celebrity MasterChef in 2010 has gained most success among all other winners in her newly discovered career of cooking. According to a reliable source, her “Recipes from My Mother to My Daughter” is considered as the bestselling cookbook since more than 70,000 copies of the book were sold in the United Kingdom. It is worthy to mention over here that her second cookbook entitled “The Way I Cook…” would publish in next September. The source also revealed an interesting fact. Lisa is noted as the only winner who has managed to woo John Torode, the steely judge of the contest. It is stated that Lisa and John have been dating since the last part of the previous year.

It is informed by the source that Liz McClarnon, the champion of 2008 Celebrity MasterChef was learned obviously something more from the program than the average celebrity did. The active members of renowned band The Atomic Kitten is said to never having cooked before participating in the show, Celebrity MasterChef. Liz McClarnon was in the opinion that this was happened as the result of spending her days in hostels since the age of 16 and roaming about with the girl band. She has created her own pasta dish for Pizza Hut.

Phil Vickery, former rugby star of England as well as the winner of 2011 Celebrity MasterChef has done so many things for the welfare of the communities. He has actively participated in food awareness project by backing campaigns and working along with the manufacturers. He has planned to start his own restaurant in Gloucestershire.

The ex EastEnders actress, Nadia Sawalha, after winning the trophy in 2007 has presented several food programs and written two cookery books that include “Stuffed Vine Leaves Saved My Life” and “The Greedy Girl’s Diet”. Presently, she is a food columnist for the Best Magazine and Daily Mirror.

Jayne Middlemiss, who was awarded as the Celebrity MasterChef in the year 2009, was reported to have no involvement with food profession since her winning. She has decided to promote yoga as the medium of well being instead of offering calorific and elaborate meals.

Matt Dawson, the seafood lover and former England rugby international, has written a cookery book named “Fresh. Simple. Tasty” after he has won Celebrity MasterChef in 2006.

It is evident that Emma Kennedy since her win in the last year has various projects in the pipeline but has no plan to publish a cookery book or participating in a show.

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