Shwop Expands Business To Help Whole Family With Accessories, Clothing And Shoes

In order to test out membership-based exchanging with women’s clothing, accessories and shoes, Shwop has started almost a year ago in a small location of Portland. As informed by the reliable sources the participants are allowed to exchange the items that was no longer wear or never used by the participants after thy have paid a membership fee.

In the words of the owner of Shwop, Marci Pelletier, the process is simple and reasonable. It is found that numerous people have purchased a dress or jewelry but never wear it because of their change of preference. In order to offer the customers a handful result, the owners added, they have invented a way in which the customers are allowed to select the items of their preference in exchange of the items of their dislike as long as the customers are paying the membership fee.

ShwopIt is informed that Shwop has recently repositioned to a bigger site. The current address of the store is 24 & SE Powell. In addition to this, the shop has now offered clothes and accessories for women and children also. Pelletier opines that their members are quite happy with their expansion of the business. Pelletier expresses that he addresses the kids as Super Shoppers as the kids are really happy to see the arrangement.

Moreover, the owner hopes that new location would help Shwop to gain popularity quickly as this is on Powell, shoplifters from all over the Portland area would find it easy to access. In addition to this, he also stated that the new location is right on the bus line and even has its own parking area.

It is notable that the rules of Shwop are entirely different from clothing consignment stores. it is because Pelletier thinks that people would like the easy and simple method in order to get rid of their used clothing. The owner goes on saying that to exchange the items, the customers do not require following any strict rules like items from a specific brand. In addition to this, the customers need not require to fix a prior appointment in order to fix the problems. The owner suggested visiting their websites to the persons willing to be the members of Shwop to find out the details of the store hours and other related information.

Pelletier informs that Shwop sorts products and ensure that the items are not torn and clean or not stained before sending the items on the floor. It is remarkable that the community aspect of the store is still going strong. In addition, it is also growing along with the growth of Shwop itself. As informed by the source the store along with its members raised fund through an auction in order to provide socks for the individuals living outside.

Relevant sources informed that Shwop is a fashionable gently used boutique that offers membership based swapping to the customers. The store is the address to shop and swap for the unused and/or unwanted items in your cabinet, drawers, closet and jewelry box.

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