My Favorites from Chief Keef and 300 this Year

Chief keef and his clique, 300, totally destroy rap music’s downfall by keeping the gangsta feel to it while adding new elements from Chicago, bringing attention back to the rap game and getting his pocket fat at the same time.

His collaborators, especially SD, Lil Reese, or Montana of 300 do not stay low around him either, as they all have big hits in the whole U.S and their own city, Chicago.

In this article, i am going to talk about my favorite songs by them.

So here i go:

1 – Lil Reese – US

When i heard the bass drop in the 20th second, goosebumps took over my whole body. The instrumental gives a feeling of financial superiority over your enemies, a sense of invincibleness and pure narcissistic pleasure.

The producer of the instrumental, Young Chop itself, picks this beat as the second favorite of his beats, and describes it:

“Epic. I love that beat. When I was making that beat, it was more of a futuristic, but I had to go back in there and switch it up and make the kicks more hooder, more heavier. The beat was really different, and I just made it to how it sounds right now.

“I really didn’t even use a keyboard. I used the damn—you know the regular keyboards for the computer? That’s what I made that beat on. That’s what I make half of the beats on, like ‘3Hunna,’ ‘Don’t Like’ were all made on the keyboard like that.

“I taught myself [the keyboard]. You know in school they gave you a music class? That shit was just stupid. It was not teaching me. It wasn’t telling me about what I wanted to do. It was some whole other orchestra type shit, like opera. I’m like, ‘No, I don’t want to hear that.’ But I put it in my beats.”

Overall a great song.

2 – KP ft. Chief Keef  – Choppa Go Bang

KP made an appearance in Chief Keef’s song “Choppa Go Bang” and he just gone hard. The song gives you a feeling of war, being in the military, and erases the empathetic feelings from your mind with violent and hateful verses.

This is one of the songs i will take in my mp3 when i will be going to army the next year.

3 – Lil Reese & Chief Keef – Traffic

The video was weird and i got 200 upvotes in YouTube for the following comment:

“Lol reese gives chief keef an i wanna f*** you eye like no other”,

And exactly, the way lil reese was staring at chief keef was like that, but that is excusable because he was on that lean as  you can see from his eyes. Anyway overall a catchy and great song to listen in a party.

4 – Wacka Flocka Flame & Chief Keef & Bo Deal – Murda

“I got life in the trunk, thirty stacks in ma pocket” is what sounds in my head as i bob my head to a song that i am not even listening to now. Purely hypnotical and gets you going.


Thanks for the read and keep it up!










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