Ski Resort of Bulgaria Nominated Best in the World

Ski resorts have been one of the most enterprising destinations for fun, entertainment, and adventure all in one while enjoying snow clad mountains and terrains. Millions of people from across the globe visit various ski resorts located in different countries.

A recent development that has brought Bulgaria among the premier nations having exotic ski resorts is the nomination of Bansko ski resort for participating for world awards.

Ski Resort of Bulgaria Nominated Best in the World“Bulgaria’s Bansk has been nominated to take part in the World Ski Awards for the best world ski report”, reported the Press Agency of Bansk Municipality. It is somewhat novel experience for a country that has not seen many top spots on the globe for any of its achievements.

Bansk in Bulgaria is one of the twenty one countries that have been nominated for the highly prestigious and coveted award. Initially there were as many as 80 countries who were vying for the final berths to participate in the ceremony to compete for the award. However, at the end of it only one fourth of them could book their birth for the final contention.

Basic criteria for selection of the countries for award was the development they have made to their ski resorts and the all round facilities that is available to ski enthusiasts, both amateur and professional. However to give recognition to excellence in each sector of ski resort developments, the organizers have subdivided the awards into four categories.

Thus the nominees will compete in four categories that include best chalet, best boutique hotel, best hotel, and best ski resort. The emphasis however will be on development of ski resort. Reasons for this are that the World Ski Awards aim to celebrate as well as reward the excellences in ski tourism. That is why they want to give premier position to the ski resort development during the competition.

“The worldwide voting process begins at 08:00 (BST) on Monday 26th August. Votes will be made by professionals working within the ski travel and tourism industry – senior executives, travel buyers, tour operators, agents and media professionals. Votes can also be cast by the public (ski tourism consumers), “explains one of the organizer executives about the voting process for determination of the award winner.

Voting will work on first-past-the-post system and this process is followed in order to ensure complete impartiality and independence in the voting process as well as in the result determination.

The voting works on a first-past-the-post system to ensure impartiality and independence. Votes are submitted online at World Ski Awards website” explains the head of Award organizers about the events that will take place. Winner of each of the national categories will clash head-to-head with winners of other countries for selection of the ultimate winner who would be awarded.

A part of the World Travel Awards, the World Ski Award is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Many consider it as the Oscars for the travel industry. Award organization is partnered by TV5Monde, National Geographic Traveler, CNBC, International Herald Tribune, and Newsweek. Together these organizations cover 1.7 million readers and 90 million TV viewers.

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