Recent Popular Topics On Celebrity Gossip

Most popular topics on celebrity gossip of the recent times include a number of superstars that range from Benedict Cumberbatch, Miley Cyrus, Harry Connick Jr. and Jennifer Lopez and many more.

In a recent interview Miley Cyrus stated that she is distressed with the fact and cannot understand that why other people are so much interested about her twerk routine in VMAs and still continue the discussion. She claimed that she is not thinking on the matter anymore and even not thought of it so much while performing it. By saying all this she perhaps wanted to indicate her natural ability to do so.

Celebrity GossipHBO declared their plans to end one of their most popular show, “True Blood” that seems to be unexpected to most of the individuals. It is worth to mention over here that after the huge success of the six seasons, the show will air their final as well as seventh season next year. The reason behind ending the program is supposed to be the failure of the writers to introduce new kinds of creature any more. Michael Lombardo, president of programming in an interview stated that “True Blood” has nothing been short of defining show especially for HBO. He further added that HBO is perhaps the only place around the world where the viewers are allowed to enjoy soap opera about fairies and vampires.

On the other hand, it is informed that Fox has recently declared the name of the judges for the 13th season of the famous show, American Idol, after a difficult search that continued for past few months and also included most of the popular singers. The news is at the same time exciting and unexpected one. It is reported in the announcement that Keith Urban along with. Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. would form the “Dream Team” of the reality series, which in reality refers to the group of pretty famous people who would be compelled to interact in doing so.

Kim Kardashian, herself informed sources that in case any of her followers want another opportunity to see her in the buff, an upcoming episode of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ would offer them the chance after the sex tape that introduced Kardashians’ career through “Playboy” in 2007. it is also notable that the upcoming episode was shot during her pregnancy. Kardashian further expressed that after explode this things out, she wishes to do some nude shoot or ‘Playboy’.

According to various sources, it is informed that Benedict Cumberbatch, who stars Sherlock, previously had also been cast in “Star Wars: Episode VII”. Taken the relationship of Benedict into account with director J.J. Abrams, it is expected that the news is reasonable. It is also informed that the actor has presently been cast in about 20 other things. However, reliable sources claimed that the fact of Benedict’s involvement has been greatly exaggerated and there is no ground of such rumor. On the basis of the actor’s involvement in the “Star Trek Into Darkness”, there is a great chance of the fact that sources are spreading rumor about the fact.

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