5 New Types Of Sleeper Sofas

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Conventionally, sofa beds are exclusively for those with small spaces or do not have a guest room but still want to accommodate overnight friends. But nowadays there is simply no excuse for buying a sleeper sofa that looks boring or tacky. There are many types out there for anyone to find the perfect one and spice up the home. Here are five new types of sleeper sofas that hands down beat out the ones of the olden days.

5 New Types Of Sleeper Sofas

Bunk Bed Transformers

Overnight visitors no longer have to sleep on the floor, standard couch, or sleeping bag. Most homes do not allot for a guest room so buying a regular mattress for a spare room is out of the questions for a majority of people. Instead, look for a sleeper sofa that transforms into a bunk bed, minus the clutter. The longtime myth that bunk beds are clutter and indicate a presence of children is completely unprecedented. There are many bunk bed sleeper sofas that look more beautiful than expensive single beds. However, if children are in the house and a room for just the kids is not available, then this type of sofa bed is the best option. Not only will it save space but by night it can function as a bunk bed for two children, and by day it transforms into a napping bed or sofa for reading and other activities.

5 New Types Of Sleeper Sofas

Office and Den Sleeper Sofas

Needless to say, a one or two bedroom home cannot reasonably also fit an office. A sleeper sofa works for any room including a den. Office sofa beds use the minimum amount of space and attach to the wall allowing it to go up and down with ease. Traditionally, wall sleepers simply work as beds and do not convert as a sofa. However, today there are models that not only allow the bed to fold up and down, but there is also a panel outside for a sofa cushions. This ingenious design helps any room double as a bedroom and office, leaving space for clients to sit during appointments. This new setup is more creative than any designs in the past and allows for a truly multi-functional office.

The Socializing Sofa Bed

Bunk bed and office sleepers do not make for an ideal environment for socializing, except for children. But for an elegant dinner party, or other social gathering, the best type is the sofa bed that is big enough for socializing. This includes seating a good amount of people, not just a loveseat for two. Even for small-space apartments, condos, or houses, a nice sized sleeper sofa can be a lifesaver. Hosting parties and other events are a breeze because often times seating is a common issue. Without having to give up style, a leather or dark colored fabric sofa bed can be the highlight of the entire home. Look through more choices to guarantee the best decision for space and design.

5 New Types Of Sleeper Sofas

Modular Convertible Sleepers

The most standard style for sleeper sofas typically uses a binary design with a frame that includes the back and bottoms in one piece. But new modular convertible sofa beds are not structured the same way. Instead, the back and bottom pieces are separate from the actual bed itself. This means each section can be moved and positioned as you choose. For nighttime sleep, you can move the frame all to one side to allow more room on the bed. But during a social party the frame can either be in the middle to allow seating on both sides, or completely taken off to clear more room for open seats.

5 New Types Of Sleeper Sofas

Beautiful Sofa Beds with Extra Storage

As if sleeper sofas do not already offer enough functionality, a new type of convertible bed increases the appealeven more. For instance, look for a classic sleeper with modern style yet does not take up too much floor space. Then find a model that has a storage unit incorporated either under the entire sofa or inside of it. Particularly with this type of sleeper sofa, it is not necessary to sacrifice too much space, beauty, or function. Depending on your needs, find the perfect combination for you by looking for a wide variety online.

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