How to Upload Flash SWF Videos to YouTube on Mac

Flash is one of the most popular file types among the web. Those vivid ad and banner animations including the pop-up ads, as well as the funny mini-games that most people like to play are Flash. Since Flash can be so interesting and attractive, some people would like to make or edit stylish Flash files and upload to YouTube for further sharing. If you have uploaded personalized flash files, you might find that some can be uploaded easily while some meet an error. Kind of confused right?

In fact, Flash includes Flash FLV and Flash SWF. YouTube can well support FLV videos but not SWF videos. Therefore, if your Flash file is in SWF format, you will meet a big trouble when uploading it to YouTube. Nevertheless, converting your SWF to AVI Mac format using SWF to AVI Converter will enable you to smoothly upload your interesting Flash SWF videos to YouTube since AVI is well accepted by YouTube.

If you are Mac users, you need the SWF to AVI Converter for Mac that is able to convert Flash SWF to AVI on Mac. iOrgSoft Mac SWF Converter can be the most excellent assistant for you. It can work harmoniously on various Mac including MAC OS X 10.6 or above operating system (Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion). With it, you can easily achieve the SWF to YouTube conversion. Moreover, it gives you the ability to customize your output parameter settings as well as to do some simple editing work on your file before conversion. Besides, it is also a game recorder. If your SWF file is a flash game and can be played with its preset button, you can play the game during conversion. The process will be recorded and converted at the same time. Isn’t it very smart? Ready to upload and show how well you can handle the Flash SWF game you are playing with your friends? Get ready with your SWF Converter now.

Warm Tip:
iOrgSoft SWF to AVI Converter is able to convert SWF not only to AVI, but also to FLV, MOV, MPEG, MP4 etc. It supports a wide range of output formats. Since YouTube supports FLV, MOV, MP4, too, you can considering converting SWF to FLV/MP4/MOV apart from AVI.

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