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We live in the adage where the more expensive the gadget, the more prestige and respect you command in the market. One such prestige symbol nowadays, is the IPhone, a protege of Apple Inc., the brainchild Steve Jobs.

What is the iPhone?

The iPhone is the best smart phone available in the market, in short, a one stop for all the applications and products one could possibly use in their day to day lives. The first series of the iPhone was launched in 2007 and since then there has been no looking back; which is evident from the up gradations and models introduced to the existing variants.

Why the iPhone?

Well, that’s a tricky question. Apart from being custom made for the tech savvy, it also can be used as a replacement for the personal computer or laptops, as almost all the applications and protocols that run on the iPhone with ease.

iPhone Clinic

Features of the iPhone

  • Operating System:

It runs on the ios Operating system, a trademark of Apple.

  • Touch and Virtual Keyboard:

The first among smart phones to introduce the touch screen technology, upgrading it till the gorilla technology; apart from providing a virtual keyboard for the older lot.

  • Wireless Connectivity:

Inbuilt wireless connectivity suitable for 2G, 3G, 4G connectivity seamlessly provides internet and remote connectivity anywhere in the world, at high speeds, based on the choice of the service providers.

  • Video Recording:

The iPhone series, in its 3GS variant introduced the video recording feature, the first among the smart phones in the market and even in the latest variant, 5 series, we have high end video recording.

  • Vision Friendly:

High retina display, which means user friendly display screen, not causing much harm to the eyes even on prolonged vision.

  • Applications:

Almost all the applications are downloadable from the Istore for reasonable rates, apart from music files and videos that can be downloaded separately from I tunes.

  • Enhanced Security:

Enhanced security can be provided to the phone, by installing apps that prevent outside access. Also, the OS has been programmed to be less prone to attacks and hacks

  • Data Transfer:

Data can be simultaneously transferred to I pads, I pods, apple laptops, placed on I clouds (the overall server) or even the internet, almost immediately after data access. The latest variant allows you to immediately transfer data onto a cloud so that you do not use up your memory storage.

  • Troubleshooting and Backup Resources:

Thanks to the cloud, you do not need to get pensive if you accidentally delete your data or are a victim of cyber-attacks. You can easily trouble shoot your device with ease without having the need to freshly install all the lost apps, as they can be retrieved from the cloud.

  • Battery:

Well, the battery depends on the usage of the device and applications. But usually, you get a backup of 18 hours, something unique from its counterparts

  • Bluetooth and connectivity:

You can transfer data over Bluetooth to almost all devices, laptops, mobiles, palmtops etc.

  • In Built Wi-Fi router:

In case there is no available Wi-Fi connectivity in your area, never worry, as with the help of the inbuilt router you can easily access the internet.

How it is Different?

On the whole, if one were to sum it up, an iPhone is not just a smart phone; it is the smartest smart phone variant in the market. That is one of the reasons for its soaring popularity. Most of the people are now making careers out of developing applications on the ios platform, suitable for the IPhone. Easy maintenance, easy trouble shooting, range of applications make the IPhone stand a league of its own.


No matter how good or efficient a gadget is, it is a gadget after all. All gadgets need maintenance. Just like any other man-made object, to ensure its longevity and efficiency. Since IPhone luckily does not require much of maintenance, the only thing we ought to regularly do is clear the hard drive occasionally and install apps that save battery or close or remove apps that eat up battery. Simple isn’t it? Or, ipad repairs Leeds, go hand in hand for maintenance. It’s a one stop point for all your phone issues.


Well, technically speaking, any repair would either be a hardware glitch or a software glitch. Software glitches refer to switching off unusually, slowing down of speeds, processor speeds, virus attacks. Though minor glitches can be handled by us, major glitches need to be handled by expert technicians, like the ones at Leeds. IPhone Repair in Leeds has shown remarkable improvement over the years, showcasing the skill and expertise of the people here. People prefer getting their phones repaired here, from all the parts of the world.

Just like how IPhone’s are a symbol of cachet, IPhone Repair in Leeds is tailor made and it’s best suitor.

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