3 Online Marketing Trends Expected To Dominate This 2014!

Any entrepreneur wants to learn more, more so when it comes to their business and how to improve it.

With more and more entrepreneurs these days looking to take their businesses’ marketing efforts in their own hands, especially those small in operation, knowing what trends will dominate this 2014 should be of tremendous help.

This in mind, here are three online marketing trends expected to shape the online marketing landscape this 2014!

  1. Content Marketing Will Reign Supreme

As if this was not already expected, content marketing will continue to reign supreme this 2014, and quite probably, for the years to follow as well.

Remember, building public trust, engaging prospects and making customers happy should be the priority of any company, regardless of the scale of operation, and given that content marketing ensures that and more, there is no reason for a company to NOT want to invest in a proper online marketing campaign that involves content marketing.

3 Online Marketing Trends Expected To Dominate This 2014!

  1. Mobile Apps Will Be More Prevalent

Sales of mobile gadgets will sharply increase this 2014 or so experts say. With the growing demand for mobile apps to make the use of such devices easier, any business that wants to capitalize on a dominating trend should invest in a simple and user-friendly mobile app.

True, mobile apps are not easy to make, especially for people with little to no knowledge about programming. However, outsourcing and looking for contractors to continually work on a mobile app and keep it better is a nice option that should very well make for huge returns for a business, regardless of their nature and operation.

  1. Social Advertising Will Slowly Replace Display Ads

Companies want to spend money advertising where there is the highest concentration of consumers, and with display ads no longer becoming as effective as social advertising, the latter will experience a huge increase in investments.

Social media advertising will become the “new” thing in the online marketing landscape, and for good reason, almost everyone stays connected through social media websites.

With social advertising, any paying company will have their ads displayed right on the front page, which in turn will generate traffic, exposure, leads and eventually, profit, given time.

While these three are just some of the marketing trends expected to dominate come year 2014, it is important to keep an eye on these three more than any other trend out there.

The emergence of these trends as the “top dog” in the online marketing world is not unprecedented, with experts and analysts claiming that any company will do well if they choose to invest in such online marketing campaigns and/or strategies.

That being said and done, small companies and business owners should welcome these trends as good news for them, given the costs needed to launch online marketing campaigns based on these three trends.

Then again, it is important for a company to invest in a more diversified online marketing plan as well, one that incorporates dominating trends, and other trends that may help in generating leads and profit.

With Think Big Online SEO and the other services offered by Think Big Online, rest assured that your company would have outsourced much of its inbound marketing processes to a contractor that puts the competitive advantage of their clients first.

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