Tools To Create Outstanding SEO Reports

An effective SEO campaign is based on careful planning, a lot of effort, and careful choices. At the end of the month, all of our efforts should be analysed to give us an idea of what’s working. The report should answer questions like; ‘where do I rank for *insert keyword here*?’, ‘how many links do I have using this anchor text?’, and ‘how many visitors are finding my site using *insert keyword here*?’. These questions should be answered clearly in the reports you send out. The good news is, you can make this job a lot easier for yourself if you use some tried and tested tools! Here is a list of great tools that will help you create outstanding SEO reports:


With Shufflepoint, you can get a free 30 day trial and then choose from 3 different pricing plans. This tool integrates right in with your Google Analytics, providing easy to understand, accurate reports from Microsoft, Excel, or something more bespoke.

You can use templates supplied by shufflepoint to create your reports, and you’ll love how simple the process is. You could even create customised templates with the full support of their tech team!

The result is visually pleasing, and by writing a commentary for each slide along with the imported data you’ll make the users experience a pleasure. This tool will quickly reduce the amount of time it takes you to construct a report, so you can focus on doing other important things.

Tools To Create Outstanding SEO Reports

Workbooks CRM

This tool can be used effectively in both SEO and PPC tasks, and best of all; it’s free.

Workbooks is a unique tool, and the great thing about it is that it can track a lead to a conversion, all the way up to the buying stage. This means you can make much more insightful SEO reports, which will allow a better understand of how a client’s SEO and PPC campaigns are working. By reporting on ROI, you can really justify what you’re doing and prove that you’re a worthy agency.


Linkdex includes some very useful, impressive tools that can be applied in a number of ways. You can use it for link building, keyword ranking, task management, and even auditing.

Using the MajesticSEO index it also works well to remove any links it deems to be uninfluential, helping to de-fog your brain. Features like being able to see a timeline of links that have been created are also very useful and make this tool stand out!

By taking a look at the attractive charts and graphs that Linkdex presents, you can easily see your link building progress. This is essential in an SEO report! Linkdex is an exceptionally thorough way to report back to your client.

In Conclusion

If you’re link building by using services like PosiRank (from Chris Rempel & Co), then you’ll want to track the service more closely. These tools are perfect for exactly that! Note down specific dates of when you purchased services and then track them using your software. Alternatively, your clients will love these attractive, easy to understand reports!

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