Best Tech Gadgets For Your Business In 2014

When it comes to business, today’s business world changes faster than ever. If your business doesn’t keep up with the latest technology, it will soon fall behind. If you want to provide the ultimate tech experience for your customers and employees, the following products are essential additions for 2014. You’ll find that not only do these up your cool factor, but you will probably make more money using these devices as well.

Phone Credit Card Swipers

Using your phone to do business is something that began to gather momentum in 2012 and 2013. By 2014, phone transactions will be bigger than ever. Employees can use tiny devices to swipe credit card info from customers anywhere in the store. Usually, these devices have relatively small fees that make the convenience worth the price. Companies can choose different devices based on their individual needs.

Some individuals may also start using the card swipers, simply to exchange money between friends. Since many people no longer carry cash, a small personal card swiper is the perfect way to exchange money and level debts.

Energy Monitors

These tiny devices plug into a wall unit and measure how much energy a device uses. This can benefit businesses by cutting down on energy use and monitoring how much energy is wasted each day. The devices can also be used to switch off power to a device during certain hours of the day, which can cut down on the “phantom” drain that devices can place on energy sources. You may be surprised how much money your business can save by using these small plug adaptors.

Best Tech Gadgets For Your Business In 2014


The iFusion allows your phone to connect to a docking station that makes it work just like a typical office phone. The docking station provides better connectivity, power, speaker quality, and voice clarity over cell phone use alone. This can benefit businesses who want employees to use cell phones, but need the additional reliability of a landline phone. The dock even charges the phone while it is plugged in, making it impossible to drop a call due to a dead battery. The dock can even synchronize data between phone and computer using an included USB cable and works with any Bluetooth device.


iPads aren’t really new to the business world, but now, there are more ways to use the product than ever. An iPad, or any tablet computer is a surprisingly effective marketing tool. Not only can employees work on tablets just like they could on laptops, it is easier than ever to control what your employees can do on their tablets, leading to less time wasted and more time spent on useful tasks.

Additionally, tablets can be mounted using an iPad enclosure, which can be used as a marketing tool for welcoming customers to yoru shop, display company offers and coupons, offer reward points, share detailed information about products, and even allow customers to check out in multiple locations in the store. These computers will offer a variety of services that will please customers.

As you can see, technology can easily make your business better and more streamlined in 2014. By adding these gadgets to your business, you can make more money, make customers happier, and improve the effectiveness of your business for relatively little investment. If you are a business of any size, you should consider adding these gadgets to your business in 2014.

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