Communicate The Written Word

Communication is one of the secrets of a successful business. It has to get its message across to its customers whether they are other businesses or the general public. It takes more than simple marketing but without a strategic approach that presents a proposition using the tool of communication, the road will be difficult.

Communication takes many forms but there is little doubt that visual presentations are vital because there is a permanence to the written word that can be referred to time and again. Websites have become the most important marketing weapon at the disposal of business but the simple existence of a website is insufficient; it must be visible and include content that presents its owners as a company that understands the need for service and can be trusted to deliver. The growth of e-commerce suggests that can be done as public confidence in online trading is growing year on year.


Even though the growth of smart phones means that people can go online at any time to refer to a website, there is still something valuable in having a tangible document as well. It is a bit like the people who know they can read newspapers or books online; many still like to hold the publication and turn the pages. It means that the services of a good printer are still important for businesses as part of their marketing strategy.

Uniform Ingredients

Companies like have built up a reputation for transforming an idea into printed form. Companies should ensure that they have a corporate image. Every piece of print from something like a simple letterhead to sophisticated brochures or advertising banners need to be easily identifiable. That means the company logo, font and colours should appear in every single thing that is produced.

Printing Communication

It makes sense to not only find a good printer but also to spend some time discussing the potential impact of what is to be printed with that printer. There are many examples of colour combinations that work well – and those that don’t. Some prominent international brands are now recognisable simply because of the logo that is associated with the brand. The vast majority of companies are not that fortunate but that does not mean it should not be an aim to have a memorable logo that more and more people will associate with the business.

At that stage the logo actually becomes a form of communication in itself because it gives the consumer an image of all the things he or she associates with the brand. Designers and printers can help with the whole exercise and there has never been a better time to spend a little of that time with a printer. The recession has receded and everyone has the chance of expansion if they get the ingredients of their marketing strategy correct.