Housing.com rental agreement review

Since their inception Housing.com has been very much instrumental in bringing and executing innovative changes in the real estate market; started with infusion of the virtual tour of the property before finalizing it followed by Home loans, Slice View Technology and now they have come up with online Rental Agreement…Though it has been launched for Bangalore as of now…but they are planning it launch it pan India once the logistics fall in place, since you can get it delivered too at your door steps within 2 days (48 hours). Recently the proposition of Rental Agreement has created a new swirl in the real estate market

To be very candid, couple of weeks back one of my friend got relocated to Bangalore and after couple of weeks he managed a residential flat for him there through the Housing.com platform. After finalizing the house, while he had to get the rent agreement but he had to report of office and actually running out of time for the formalities…then the good soul landlord stepped in the scenario and suggested him to opt for the e rental agreement…wherein you can create a rental agreement duly approved by the pro real estate lawyers…get the same stamped and get it delivered too on your door step within 2 days…and required to pay the amount once the hard copy of the rent agreement has been delivered

Once you are landed on the page for drafting the agreement you just get started off with initial contact details followed by required important information. There are some eight steps and once you keep on filling the details of the agreement, it automatically gets drafted and once you are through with all the steps, you have the option to review the draft. By the way, it also has the provision to add any new clauses or exceptions if anyone wants related to parking and other amenities rights. Once you are done with it, you have the option either print it or mail or mail it or get it delivered at your home with the stamping done…yes…Housing.com first does it by paying the amount on the good faith and then you can pay it once it reaches you

This e – rental agreement actually has enhanced the convenience of the mass…in general, you are required to visit an advocate to get the agreement drafted followed by getting it stamped which used to be long and hectic day affair, which can cut short into a matter of couple of seconds. Since it has been already verified by real estate lawyers, hence it scores high on trustworthiness and you won’t have to take the hassle of paper work and yes…you know the exact amount you need to pay for the stamp duty, through the Housing.com e – stamp calculator

To be very candid, I was also very amazed when I heard about it, but it was actually a mind – blowing thing when I really started exploring the technicalities of it…like the entire day’s work can be done in 5 minutes and it’s really convenient for the working people.

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