Maintaining Strong Immune System Through Healthy Eating and Drinking

We can’t just take what we know is bad for us and then try to make it something that’s good for us. We also know that something that tastes better isn’t always good for our body. Common sense should let us know which options aren’t healthy. Sadly, many of us tend to take less healthy options, because we want something that tastes and looks good. So, it makes sense to us if we feel less energized after eating many unhealthy foods. We may blame our condition on the cold weather. But if we are reluctant to perform physical exercise and don’t eat healthy food, then our health condition will continue to decline. We should consider the core of what makes us healthy, the immune system. This understanding should allow us to develop exceptional foundational wellness.

Maintaining Strong Immune System Through Healthy Eating and Drinking

There are multiple symptoms we experience when we have compromised immune system, such as digestive, behavioural and sleep. This could be indicated by constipation, pin in joints, tiredness, insomnia and others. Asthma is also a common example of immune system and it happens when our body overreacts to allergens. Allergies are common today in adults and children. This illness could be supported foundationally through improving our immune system. What we eat or digest also determine our immune system. So, it is in our best interest to support our immune system through healthy eating. This will not only strengthen our body’s ability to fight diseases, it will also help us to flush toxins. As an example, we could consume only fresh fruits and vegetables for a few days after a period unhealthy eating. By being vegetarian temporarily, we should be able to clear our digestive systems of harmful substances that we accumulated.

After eating healthily, it is possible for us to feel particularly energized. We would be able to free wheel throughout the day with clean blood system. Clean blood determines our health and physical performance. Our blood functions should be a two-way street. It delivers oxygen and nutrients to our cells, the other way, it picks up trash that needs to be disposed or re-processed by liver. So, it is obvious that healthy blood circulation system is essential for our body. Our kidneys, lymphatic systems, liver and sweat glands are essential for eliminating toxin. Waste is also disposed through bowel movements and breathing. It means, we should do the least amount of effort to achieve the biggest gain. We need to be aware that much of our body is consisted of water, so pure water is essential for our well being.

This also means that we need to ingest a proper amount of water to support our smooth blood circulation, brain functions, muscles and other essential internal systems. Our body is designed to obtain nourishments from nutritious foods and drinks. Although eating fresh, raw fruits are wonderful; we may also drink fruit smoothies; because it speeds up nutrients absorption during busy days. However, raw, crunchy bits of fruits should be wonderful replacements for sodium-rich snacks, like potato chips.

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