Galaxy Note 4 Vs iPhone 6 Plus: A Comparison

The Galaxy note 4 has the unique quality in the range of Galaxy Note series. The whole series contains slim profile and powerful devices. And on another hand, Apple also introduced its similar size beast called iPhone 6 Plus, but who is best. Let’s find out.

The Samsung Galaxy note 4 has the body dimensions of about 153.5×78.6×8.5 mm and weight is up to 176 g, where the iPhone 6 Plus has the dimension range up to 158.1×77.8×7.1mm and the weight is 172 g. The Apple iPhone 6 Plus has given support to the Nano-SIM with the Touch ID and apple pay services, whereas in note 4, it has micro-SIM with fingerprint sensor and the S Pen stylus. There is a lot of difference that are available between Samsung Galaxy note 4 and Apple iphone6 plus.


The iPhone 6 Plus has different unique features and some additional features; these are really differing from the other iPhone and smart phone versions. These features are made to be the biggest and the changes are also made to be the biggest in iPhone periods. However, this specification usage, method and the properties were new to the users. The sensor will process on this iPhone and this iPhone 6 plus has got an accelerometer, proximity, gyro, barometer and the compass sensors, where the Note 4 has the same sensor consoles and modules and in addition it has the gesture, UV, heart rate and then the Sp-02 sensors. The Note 4 uses the Java language to run the processor and it uses HTML 5 to browse anything. But in iPhone 6 Plus, the developers are not using the Java code. Each and every iPhone model uses the HTML safari to browse the things. Samsung introduces the new messaging techniques in Note 4; whereas this messaging technique is totally different in iPhone 6. iPhone include messaging, MMS, Email, Push Email and then the SMS to send the message in iPhone 6 Plus. These messaging methods are same with Note 4 and additionally Samsung added the IM techniques to send messages, but this IM message technique could be difficult to use.


In Note 4 the battery is made with Li-ion 3220 mAh battery whereas in iPhone 6 plus it have the non-removable Li-PO 2915 mAh battery. The battery power stays up to 38 hours 3G in stand-by mode, 24 hours (3G) when talk time and when music play, it remains up to 80h in Apple iPhone 6 Plus, but this specification is little bit low in the Note 4, and this Note 4 takes the battery power is up to 20h (3G) when takes talk time and up to 82 h when music play. The Note 4 comes with the different colors such as the frosted white, charcoal, white, blossom pink as well as bronze, gold, and the iPhone 6 plus comes with the color of gold, silver and then the gray. In Apple iPhone 6 plus base mark OS II: 222 are involved to test the performance of the hardware and in Note 4 base mark OS II: 1181 has taken place. These are the slight changes between this Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date is not yet announced, and this would be expected to get released soon in the market with new highlighting features and specifications.

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