Why Do Apps Have Updates?

Why do apps have updates, you ask? Many reasons, each of which contributes to the app’s functionality and popularity. Many app developers add updates to fix bugs or even add new features. Let’s take a deeper look at these reasons, which will hopefully inspire you to update your app if you haven’t already:

Security, Stability, Performance

An updated version of your app usually fixes any security issues, as older versions are often vulnerable to bugs and similar problems. New versions also eliminate non-bug-related issues, such as crashes or a feature that doesn’t work properly. After all, even the best app on the planet will fall flat if it doesn’t function as it should! Routine app maintenance and updates are essential to the functionality of your app–checking it once following design completion and before its launch is not enough. Another update perk is an increase in the app’s performance thanks to higher-functioning software.

Why Do Apps Have Updates?

User Value

Apps feature updates to provide users with additional value. Updates allow users to unlock new features, try different options, and more. Why would a consumer stick with an app that’s never updated, when he or she can switch to a similar app with regular updates? Keeping users engaged is a big part of app success, so holding interest after initial excitement wears off via updates is a great way to ensure continual use.


A regularly-updated app remains fresh in user minds, so rather than letting your masterpiece take a one-way ticket to the Land of Forgotten Apps, update it often. This generates new buzz about your app, and if it’s already very popular, bloggers and enthusiasts will want to talk about updates on forums, social media, app blogs, etc. Updates are app news, and help keep your app at the top of the App Store.

Custom mobile app development is about more than the initial launch! If truly interested in becoming a successful app developer, updates are imperative. Keep your app in the minds of consumers by providing interesting features they’ll want to buy and use, and by continually monitoring app performance.

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