Why We Should Be Careful With Hormone-Based Supplements?

Blood is a much less discussed topic among fitness enthusiasts. It may never fail to amaze health expects that many enthusiasts spend thousands of dollars on various supplements without understanding the science behind these products. They virtually have no knowledge on the science behind these products. Each time they renew their gym memberships, they may buy new products that are included in the membership packages. There are hormones and nutrients that are ultimately responsible in ensuring that our hard work in the gym won’t be a waste of time. It should be noted that if our blood chemistry is off and our hormone levels are sub-par. We may eat all the supplements we want and follow all the routines we want; we will only perform heavy exercises with very little results.

Depending on how we adjust our hormones, we could get much less result that we expect before. It is actually possible to optimize our hormone levels with external assistances. This will allow us to achieve progress we need via proper use of supplements, nutrition and training. Many bodybuilders use catabolic and anabolic hormones, such as cortisol, GH, Growth Factor-1 and testosterone. These substances may influence our exercise results. People could be under the impression that it is difficult to read blood tests and they are some kind of secret code language. What we need to do is to interpret them, not read them. As an example, people with low thyroid hormones could lack metabolism for proper protein synthesis. In this case, we need to keep our body fat to a minimum, because it affects levels of thyroid hormones.

Why We Should Be Careful With Hormone-Based Supplements

We can alter hormones via drugs, supplements and diet. By knowing more about our blood, we could better understand how to improve our exercise performance. Although we may be in a pretty good shape, it is very likely that not everything is perfect. We should get an insight into things that happen in our bodies. Then we could make the right decision from there. We should consult with local professionals about recommended hormone levels after they check our blood levels. They may have different recommendation depending on our unique situations. Not only supplements and diet, professionals could also advise on proper training. As an example, some people could have specific higher hormones compared to others. As an example, an athlete may have relatively low testosterone levels and this could be caused by high carb diet that minimizes testosterone levels.

The addition of anti enstrogen insulin, GH and other steroids could complicate things and add another level of possible issues that can be beyond our current scope. In general, enthusiasts should use large doses of steroids and other hormones that can imbalance their cholesterol levels, liver functions and others. We should have a solid foundation on things that we can work from. Fitness enthusiasts shouldn’t throw away thousands of dollars every year on drugs, supplements and others. This would result in a waste of time, money and effort.

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