How To Have Proper Healthy Eating?

There are many advices on healthy eating. One of the most common is that we need to chew our food really well to break it down mechanically before we swallow. It means that our teeth and saliva already much of the digestion process and take the pressure of the internal digestive system. Our stomach doesn’t need to break the food to hard and the nutrients can be absorbed more quickly by our intestinal tract. Eventually, it will take much less effort to turn our food into pure nutrients that can be transported by our blood system. There are two things that that occur in our intestinal, nutrition absorption and the elimination of waste. Unfortunately, we often eat the admittedly very tasty food with low nutritional content. It is often loaded with fat, carbohydrate and numerous synthetic substances, such as MSG and food coloring.

How To Have Proper Healthy Eating

It is also unfortunate synthetic compounds isn’t considered as nutrients and they would be removed as waste or even toxins. We should also avoid consuming synthetic vitamins and minerals. Optimal nutrients should be obtained only from whole food sources. This is obviously a challenge for families who can’t meet their nutritional requirements from natural sources. Add that to steady degradation of air and water quality. Run our body in continuous deficiency and we will start to feel tired. Our body will need to compensate for the deficiencies and one bad thing starts to knock down other dominoes of our good health. One simple step is to ensure that we have properly purified water and we could access only whole foods. We surely need to make inroads, so little changes can be big differences in our health.

Simple common sense should be applied during food and shopping preparation. As an example, we could choose fresh, whole food consisted of healthy ingredients. We should minimize using processed ingredients, such as sausage and cheese. It is also advisable to increase hydration through pure water. We may also add some fresh lemon and honey to allow our body hold water longer. It means that our body will have more opportunity to hydrate cells and absorb nutrients from lime. It also means that our body can receive all the nutritional and health properties. It is highly advisable to avoid eating too much dairy products. However, good quality yogurt can help stabilize our digestion system. Milk-based products are surely nutritious, but many people depend on them too much. Alternatively, we could also drink soy milk occasionally to balance fat and protein intake. In this case, we usually obtain different types of amino acids when we drink animal milks and plant-based “milks”.

Whenever possible, we should choose organic dairy, because conventional dairy may contain higher level of hormones and chemicals. It should also be noted that cow milk has higher levels of lactic acid, due to the double digestive system. This will cause inconveniences to people with intolerances, especially if cows are injected with hormones and antibiotics. Also, cows could graze on chemical-laden grass.

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