Making and Investment In Your Wardrobe

Did you know that spending more on your wardrobe can actually save you money? True story. It’s kind of like the more money you invest in your life the more you get out of it. You get what you pay for, even when it comes to clothing.

While it might seem like shopping somewhere where you can get 10 outfits for the price of one gives you more for your money, it’s more likely that those clothes will fall apart the first couple times you wash them.

Buying Better Clothes

When you shop at a pricey department store you might feel like you are getting less when you one get one new outfit, but it’s more likely that outfit will last you much longer. That’s because these stores supply you will clothes that are well made and not always as mass produced as the cheaper options. They use better materials and even better stitching.

Don’t spend your entire hard earned paycheck on new clothes, space it out. You should only spend a certain amount on new clothes each month.

Making Your Clothes Last

When you purchase your well made clothes that will last you for a lifetime, or close to it anyway, you want to make sure you take good care of them so they do last. That means, first of all, that you need to follow the care and washing instructions on them. If your garment says to dry clean only then that is what you need to do in order to extend its lifespan. Also, keep nice clothes hanging, with ample space so that don’t rub or wrinkle.

Even your shoes can last longer if you take care of them. Keep them in a safe place, keep boots with something in them to keep their form and polish leather shoes to keep them from cracking and keep them looking new.

Investing In Those Special Pieces

Sometimes you need a piece of clothing that breaks the budget. No, not an engagement ring or other jewelry accessories. Have a nice suit or a very fancy dress can save you from rental nightmares and ensure you look good any time a fancy dinner engagement ro party comes up.

A fur coat can be another important clothing investment and if you’re lucky you might find somewhere that you can finance one so you can get the best quality and make payments on it. A fur is a lifetime commitment also, so make sure you follow the care instructions and even ask the company for tips on making it last longer and keeping it looking new.

You shouldn’t have to buy new clothing every season because last year’s wardrobe got wore out. Clothes should last years, not a year. Invest a little money and time to take care of your clothes and they’ll pay you back in years of wear and enjoyment.