4 Ways To Improve Your Writing By Just Spending 30 Minutes A Day

Good writing is an important tool to have if you want to be a successful student as well as professional. Writing well also does not come very easily, because it requires dedication, practice and hard work. Without a combination of all three elements and better knowledge you will not be able to write well and this can have a big impact on the speed with which you progress in your academia. Writing is an important component of the student’s academic structure.

In academic school, college or university students have to work on different writing assignments from a research paper to an essay. Therefore, if you as a student are bad at writing, then this is a big problem as well as a challenge for you to rectify in order to achieve a steady progress during your school term. If you want to improve in writing, then practice is the key to improvement. There are different ways and methods of practicing, but we in our academic blog post today will recommend four ways through which you can improve your writing by just spending 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week.

Working on the Flow

The biggest issue in writing quality that many professors and writing experts point out is the flow of words and sentences. Sometimes students in order to capture all the information and get rid of their assignments quickly, often mess up their writing flow, eventually affecting the quality of their writing severely. It is recommended and advised that you spend at least half an hour to work on directing the right flow of your words in relevance to the topic you are writing on. One way to do that is to keep writing simple sentences and revising them to see how well you can make the words sound in that sentence and if they portray the right message in correct flow.

Writing with Precision

Students are habitual of using filler words and words that add no value to their writing. These words are there to just add content to the writing piece in order to make it seem complete. Writing with precision and practicing to add words that can have the value to the writing is essential. When you are revising your work, keep precision in mind and ask yourself how would the same sentence sound if you add something new or delete a word from it.


Try to write with versatility and diversity so you can get the practice of writing original content on any topic you get. Everyone likes to read something which is new and no one wants to pursue the same old kind of information they already know.

Explore and Imagine

When you are sitting down to write, focus on exploring more angles or perspectives on the same topic. It is important you direct this imagination to write creatively and with a view which is not clichéd or predictable, this way you can learn to find angles to write about by practicing this skill every day.

Writing is not a job for every Tom, Dick and Harry. You need to do extensive research and find tips and techniques so that you can effectively and attractively convey and communicate your messages to the audience. You need to start practicing on a daily basis, so that your skills of communication are worth appreciating.


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