How To Master Communication In The Modern Office

Communication is now easier than it has ever been.  We have access to technology that wasn’t thought of  in previous generations.  We are able to send documents securely, hold video meetings between people in totally different countries and send money in seconds – all online from the comfort of our home or office.

However, while this technology is impressive, it is making the working office far more complex.  Never more so than now has there been a need for a fully functioning and highly effective IT department to support members of staff.

Improved Email Management

Today, everyone uses email. Most of us will check our emails as soon as we log on each morning.  However, most of us aren’t probably using our email to its full efficiency. Emailing is not about just writing a message and clicking send. A simple thing like creating and using shared templates on Microsoft Outlook could save you a great deal of time and reduce the risk of typos or other errors. Equally, the proper management and archiving of emails is vital to speed up the information retrieval process, improve the audit trail process and free up valuable space on your computer.  Ensuring staff are fully trained in how to use the email system effectively will greatly improve the efficiency of your business.  Staff should also be trained in ensuring cyber security is maintained when corresponding with others via email.

Virtual Working

Until very recently, working from home was an option open to very few.  The occasional opportunity for a working parent to stay at home with a sick child for an odd day for example.  Today however, more and more companies are offering this as an option and it requires very little effort to set up a fully functioning home office.  This enables the worker to reduce their commute, free’s up office space at the head office and makes for a generally happier workforce. However, working virtually comes with some drawbacks.  Team members are unable to bond and build the team as effectively when they are not face to face.  It is vital that some office time is built in to a homeworkers schedule to ensure the team dynamic is maintained.

Phone Management

Just like email, telephones are an integral part of any office setup. However, many of us take them for granted. For large businesses, having the right phone system and proper training is very important. You will need a system that is easy to manage and use. If it is automated, you need to ensure that it serves its purpose as per your needs and can easily be updated. A working communications network within your office will ensure the smooth running of your company. Having dependable communication technology and reliable IT support is paramount to ensuring that this happens.