Mobile-Friendly Sites Are Vital For SEO In 2015

Mobile-friendly websites are a crucial part of any organization. However, many organizations still resist having these websites either because they don’t see their real value or they lack the required resources and expertise. Some companies are just resistant to change. If you desire to make your organization relevant on popular search engines such as Google this year, then you need to start building a mobile-friendly website.

ProlimeHost have kindly put together a guide on how you can get your site in tip-top condition.  Below are some reasons why mobile-friendly sites will be vital for SEO this year.

A mobile-friendly site increases your mobile visits. Google, one of the most popular search engine, has already started labelling websites which are customized for mobile as “mobile-friendly sites” in its search results. This means that organizations without mobile-friendly sites have a very poor click-through rate compared with companies with these sites. Creating a mobile-friendly site will therefore help your company a great deal – the company website will receive more click-throughs, meaning more and more visitors will view your site using their mobile phones.

A mobile-friendly site helps you to have a higher mobile ranking. Websites that are not mobile-friendly receive hefty penalties from Google. This guarantees that mobile-friendly sites are ranked higher so as to provide a much better experience to mobile users. However, Google is going even further by ranking sites based on their mobile-friendliness. This ranking promotes those sites that are optimized for mobile viewing and demotes those that aren’t.

A mobile-friendly site also increases your mobile revenue. Sometimes, it is not enough to increase your website’s rankings. Many companies rely heavily on the revenue generated from their websites. These companies include those offering goods or services to a specific clientele. These days, many people are using their mobile phones to get the products and services they need. Having a mobile-friendly site therefore puts you on the edge. Not only do you get a large customer base, your revenue also rockets. Consumers are growing intolerant to bad user experiences on their mobile devices and are shifting to sites which provide a wholesome experience. Building a mobile-friendly site for your organization would therefore be a stepping stone to generating higher revenue.

The benefits of having a mobile-friendly site for SEO cannot be ignored. Popular search engines such as google are encouraging the use of these sites by putting down strict measures. It is therefore imperative that you build a mobile-friendly site to enjoy a successful business in 2015.