Growing Your Subscriber List With The FreshMail Newsletter Plugin

There are many different ways that you can grow your newsletter subscriber list. You can grow your list through online means such as social media and you can also grow your list through off-line means such as handing out flyers or business cards with signup form is attached to them.

One of the most effective ways of growing your subscriber list has to be via your website. In fact you can use this method either directly or indirectly as your website is a great final for other traffic sources.

For those of you that use the FreshMail newsletter service growing your list via website has never been as easy. FreshMail offer a newsletter plug-in for WordPress that will integrate directly with your WordPress website. This plug-in allows you to add signup forms and signup checkboxes to your website with little or no effort. Using the plug-in you can design and implement a signup form anywhere on your website, this can be done using predefined forms with little or no effort required or it can be done by creating a fully customised and self-styled signup form.

Either way the plug-in offers a great way to easily add signup forms to your website blasts allowing you to encourage your visitors to sign up to your list.

This means that every visitor that comes to your site could potentially mean and a subscriber for you and this allows you to really tap in to a valuable source.

Even better than this using the FreshMail plug-in you can actually track subscribers across multiple signup forms, for example you might have signup forms on different pages or in different areas of your website and when you visit the FreshMail admin panel you can see which users signed up using which forms, this allows you to see what areas of your website produce the best signup rate.

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