Giving Everything For The Shirt

Soccer Jersey is more than just shirts, shorts, shoes and shin guards, it’s everything a team stands for. As Soccer legend Diego Maradona says “Giving everything for the Shirt”, is exactly what jersey means to any soccer player. In soccer’s long and mystical history, the game rules have changed,its popularity has increased and the game has become more widespread now than was during its inception. Amidst all the changes, one thing that remained constant was its uniform, soccer lovers around the world has worn same type of uniform.

Giving Everything For The Shirt

From the beginning the jersey remained simple, keeping players cool during the warm season, when the game is most often played. During the victorian age, there was no proper uniforms, just simple white shirts and pants and colorful caps to tell team apart.

The numbers and peculiar color and logos were used for the first time to help fans and players alike identify each other on the field. The numbers on the back of soccer uniforms were originally  was based determined based on a team’s formation. numbers 1-11 were always allocated for for the starting players of each team. The substitute player by default was number 12.  It was not until 1870s  during English FA Cup, that soccer received so much media attention, that the public demanded  that teams wear clothing that distinguished them from one another.

By the twentieth century, soccer had managed in becoming a giant fashion trend around the world. Players were now wearing customized jersey made from durable and natural fibers. The soccer jersey changed a little over the coming decades. IT wasn’t until the end of World War II,  that the soccer uniform had revolutionary evolution.

Transition of Jersey happened from very light and synthetic fabrics in 1900s to long and short baggy shorts in more bold colors during 1960s to  more traditional colored jersey in 1970s. Then came marketing era like never before during 1980s which turned into commercialization of soccer shirt and brand marketing in 1990s.  

The Jerseys at present are lighter and more breathable than ever, with fabrics made from cotton blends of nylon and polyester. The whole journey of Soccer jersey evolved immensely from the 1800s to the twenty first century.

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