Laser Removal Of Hair:An Overview

Looking good is a universal right. So if you think that your hair are acting as a barrier to your charm then remove this barrier. Here is a short guide to all that you want to know about your laser hair removal.


Laser Removal Of Hair:An Overview

  • A follicle is a cavity or a mammalian organ in the skin where the hair grows. It can be considered as the production house where hair grows. First is the growth, next is the cessation and then the rest phase.
  • Laser treatment hair removal uses a high-intensity beam of light that is absorbed only by the hair, converts the light absorbed into the heat that destroys the follicle. So, when the production house is closed, there will be no growth of hair.
  • However, that is not necessary to be true for every case. Everyone has a different skin type. Laser procedure was originally designed for dark hair on light skin. However, with time and technological modification experts have extended the limit to all possible skin types.

Laser hair removal can guarantee the reduced hair growth rate, but it cannot promise all desired results. Notions like permanent hair removal can be misleading when it comes to laser based hair removals.

Laser Removal Of Hair:An Overview

  • Individuals going through the treatment may require time to time treatment sessions to keep their hair growth and loss under control.
  • Removal of unwanted hair can surely produce a desirable image, but it does not account for the skin damage that might be caused by the treatment.
  • Modern salons offering the laser hair removal treatment are dependent on the staff to give quality services to the client. Hence, the follow-up of the standard procedure may be compromised due to the human touch factor involved.
  • Trained and experienced professional are considered reliable for the procedure.
  • Clearance from Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) for permanent removal of hair is also variable from client to client.
  • Some people may have a tender yet continuous growth that after the treatment gets slowed down, yet there is no assurance to which extent the effect lasts.
  • Similarly, there are cases in which people bear the extreme pain and get desired results.

Laser Removal Of Hair:An Overview

Elements Of Risk

  • Pain is the most common thing that you will hear from the review of a person who has undergone the treatment.
  • Pain resistance varies from person to person. Some may feel that the pain lasts for only a few minutes. However, some may term it as a pain that troubled them for days to come.


  • The laser beam is highly selective yet there are cases where people with sensitive skins get rashes and blisters from the procedure.


  • Scarring of the skin is common as the burning of follicle requires heat, that heat may cause damage to the skin as well causing a scar.

Skin Pigmentation disorders can be very hurtful in terms of appearance and their remedy.

  • Skin pigmentation is caused by the periodic sittings that one must go through to complete the procedure.
  • This can lead to severe skin damage and may become discolored but very hard to disappear.

Following the advice of the dermatologist can be beneficial in terms of precaution and preparation for the procedure. Usually it is advised to avoid direct contact with the sunlight and use of sunscreen. Consult the dermatologist before going for the laser hair removal treatment to ensure well-being and health.

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