Tips For Washing Cheerleading Uniform

Understanding your cheerleading uniform is necessary if you want your uniform to sustain its durability and to save it from unnecessary wear and tear. The usual cheerleading uniforms are made from heavy weight polyester knit. This fabric is much durable and easier to care for than cotton.

Tips For Washing Cheerleading Uniform

Here are some tips that will help you to take better care of your cheerleading uniforms and retain its cleanliness.

Presoaking Garments:

Presoaking is essential after every game, this not only rinses off the dirt on the clothes but also takes off any chances of any stain on the garments.Ever wondered what can the combination of a lukewarm bucket of water, a capful of heavy duty detergent and a cup of baking soda can do? Nothing less than a miracle.  Add detergent to half bucket of lukewarm water, add baking soda, it gets the odor out of the clothes and soak the uniform for an hour minimum or whole night for better results. Wash if off later or in the in the morning. One more thing that while cleaning the uniform you need to keep in mind is the water if it is hard or soft. If the water is hard, just add water conditioner, and it would help in the better cleaning of the garments.

Say No to Chlorine Bleach:

Mostly uniforms are of white color, it is general urge while washing clothes to use chlorine for brighter and whiter effect, but chlorine is not healthy for polyester clothes. You will find various bleaches for fabrics, it is better to apply that rather than using chlorine for whitening of your clothes

Wash Alone:

To make our work a little easy we prefer to add few extra clothes when we wash a handful of clothes, but it is different with cheerleading uniform, it is better if you wash the uniform separately. The cheerleading uniform is made of polyester, if soaked together with cotton clothes it will be exposed to the lint from the cotton clothes and will eventually cling to the uniform. It is always better to wash the clothes alone separately.

Away From Heat:

Say no to the dryer. After washing clothes are meant to go in the dryer, but it is not the same with the Cheerleading Uniform. After washing hang the clothes to dry but away from direct sunlight. This way the uniform gets dried, and there is no issue of fading of color.


After presoaking, never wash the cloth in warm water, once the clothes have presoaked the work of warm water is done. Cold water is always better treatment for the clothes, hot or warm water only set the stains making it impossible to remove later. For any stain, it is always ideal to pre-soak it in lukewarm water and detergent and wash it later with cold water.

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