Questions To Ask About Serviced Offices

When you have narrowed down the number of serviced offices that you want to visit, make a list of questions that you can ask the building managers during a scheduled tour of the installation. By using your list and making notes as you talk with each manager you can reflect later upon your interviews and determine which complex will meet your specific business needs. In the Swindon area, you’ll find excellent locations to base your company so that you can easily meet with clients, vendors, and stakeholders. After the tours are all scheduled you should formulate a list of questions to pose to your prospective serviced office representative.

  1. Ask about how soon you can begin to use your office space in Swindon once you have entered into an agreement with the managing agency. Serviced offices are usually set up for immediate occupancy so once the agreement is signed you can normally begin work immediately; it is important to clarify with the manager just how soon you and your staff can move into your new work space.
  2. Next you should enquire about the benefits of selecting serviced offices in Swindon over other locations in the area. Is the office centre energy efficient and are all bills included in your rent? What type of transport services are available? Is commuting to the office centre easy and will your staff members have easy access to parking? You should also enquire about the availability of Wi-Fi, printing services, and telephone lines.
  3. Next, you may want to enquire about the options available should your business grow; can the business complex accommodate expansion and can you upgrade whenever you need to? You should also ask about downsizing just in case you need to work with your cash flow and put more money into other areas of your company.
  4. Will you be able to customise your serviced office? Because this type of office usually remains unbranded you may want to ask before you sign an agreement about using branded items in your workspace.
  5. Another important question to ask is regarding the hours of access for your serviced office. If you do business outside the normal business day, your staff may need access to the office at varying hours of the night and day. Is the serviced office centre available to you and your staff 24/7? Depending on your niche and the demands of your work schedule this can be a deciding factor in your selection of a serviced office.

As you compile your questions to ask serviced office managers be sure to include queries about space, customisation and location so that you can choose the best office possible for your company, and can help you make your final choice with confidence.