The Benefits Of Interval Training

Increase VO2 Input

To simplify of what that actually means is you will breathe in a larger amount of air with each single breathe you take. Again your lungs will be able to fill up with more air if you will incorporate more interval training over a period of time. That just scratches the surface about the VO2 max concept.

The Benefits Of Interval Training

Why is this important? Well let’s think about this a little bit. If you can breathe more air in with a single breathe what do you think will happen? You will be able to go longer and faster in any activity you choose. Your performance will go through the roof. You will get stronger and efficient in lifting more weight. Weight you are lifting in the gym will go up. If you are looking to build bigger arms, here are some of the best tricep exercises.

You first need to follow a regimen before you can experience this benefit. It will take time before you might do well in a certain activity!

Greater Cardiovascular Results

If you incorporate any form of interval training whether using weights or doing some form of cardio, the cardiovascular will improve tremendously. Because interval training has such demand on the heart and the cardiovascular system, the body and the cardiovascular has no choice but improve and progress as the intensity increases with the interval training.

The heart will have to pump more blood and you will feel like the heart is working much more than the traditional cardio. This will help strengthen the muscle of the heart and it has proven to help the heart under the condition that the heart is forced to beat faster. Remember the heart is a muscle and with added safe stress, the heart will grow in strength and in health.

Calories are still Burning

Almost the greatest benefit of them is this one right here. It has been proven and it is greatly known among those that do this type of training or cardio that interval training, specifically High Intensity Interval Training, does in fact continue to burn more calories in the after-hours of the workout session.

Why’s this? Well you just put the body through greater demands on the body’s system. In order to recover back to the normal resting state “Homeostasis”, it uses more oxygen than normal in order for this to happen thus utilizing more calories. Again this is just the surface of this concept. There are many resources online that cover this topic very well.


Interval training when you look at it closely can resemble a high intense weight training session such as a tricep workout for mass. If you stop and go on a treadmill, then you’re looking at high intensity interval training as well. So if you’re looking for a new interval workout regimen or just looking for the benefits that it causes, then I briefly explained some of them right here in this article!

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