Tips To Get Certified As Yoga Instructor

Yoga is a philosophy of life and is not limited to only asana (physical exercise). It has meditation, breathing, concentration, and self-realization. In ancient times, the teacher taught yoga to students as a way of life. Once, the student gains good knowledge and maturity he would become an instructor.

Nowadays, yoga has gained huge popularity and there are many yoga instructors.To govern this, there was a need to standardize yoga under certain guidelines. It has become a practice to get certification for yoga instructors.

Here are some Tips to get certified as Yoga Instructor: 

Tips To Get Certified As Yoga Instructor


Know the need before you make up your mind. Do you want to be an instructor for self-improvement or to impart the yoga knowledge, is your call. There are many acupuncture school that are proving certification courses.


You have to understand your motivation factor to be a yoga instructor. You may want to impart knowledge or discipline yourself or meet spiritual heights.

Educate yourself: 

Go through books on yoga to gain knowledge. Attend lectures and workshops to choose from the different asana. Go through different course details.

Choose your Teacher:

Every teacher has a different teaching style. The best way to find the right teacher is to practice yoga with different yoga teachers. You will find the one who suits your need.

Take a Yoga Training Course:

Yoga is a holistic approach to life than mere yoga postures. It involves asana (yoga postures), human anatomy, and Yoga philosophy.Attend classes or online yoga training course. Most of the yoga institutes follow guidelines set by yoga alliance. This makes learning faster and easier.

Develop your unique Style: 

Develop your own style to stand apart from the rest. Enhance your communication skills. A good yoga instructor needs good communication to reach out to the students. Knowledge in human psychology can help in understanding your students.

Get Registered:

Apply for the registered yoga teachers (RTY) after completing the yoga course. You will have more preference over others.

Continuous Learning:

Attend workshops, lectures, and seminars to upgrade your knowledge. A registered yoga instructor attends a 75 hours’ workshop in every three years. This workshop is from yoga alliance.

Finance and Networking for Business:

Market yourself as a yoga instructor to attract students. Use technology for flyers, website, and brochures to reach a wide audience. Use the social media to build your brand. Make contacts through networking workshops and seminars.

Follow your heart irrespective of age, background, or profession. Becoming a yoga instructor is a journey by itself. It is rewarding not only to oneself but also to others.

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