What You Need To Know About The Toyota Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

Nowadays there are more and more vehicles on the road, and although you may be a good and experienced driver, there are other individuals out there who don’t have the same experience or skill, and they may not be prepared for the unexpected situations that can happened in mere seconds on the road. This unfortunately can cause major accidents that can have a devastating impact on a family. You can find all you need and want when it comes to Toyota vehicles at Toyota Long Beach.

With the recent crackdown on driver’s who are not paying full attention to the road, for example, either talking or texting on their cell phones, hopefully some of the accidents that might have happened can be avoided.

Utilizing the most recent technology, Toyota and its Dynamic Radar Cruise Control are helping drivers who like to use cruise control, but in the past have found that you have to adjust it so often that it makes it frustrating to use.  With the new advancements to its cruise control, such as the DRCC (dynamic radar cruise control) you can now use this feature far easier than in the past, and it can actually make your drive even safer.

Basically Toyota utilizes forward-sensing radar technology installed behind the grill of your vehicle to judge how quickly the other vehicles are moving, and then it adjusts your speed according. What makes this type of cruise control different from what you used in the past is that it will automatically speed up and slow down keeping a pre-set safe distance from the other vehicles on the road.

One of the major safety features that this new type of cruise control implements is that it can be used with Toyota’s pre-collision system that can dramatically reduce the damage done with a front end collision and many times even eliminate the risk, by warning you of a close proximity to another vehicle, and if you are unable to make the proper adjustments yourself the vehicle will take over and actually slow the vehicle down.  If an accident is unavoidable, both the driver and the passenger’s seat belts will tighten up and the break assist will be employed, giving you extra breaking power, reducing the amount of damage dramatically. If the accident is prevented the vehicle will resume normal use. Check out some other great features and Toyota vehicles at http://www.norwalktoyota.com/.

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