The Cookies You Can’t Live Without

There is a reason everyone leaves cookies out for Santa Claus each Christmas. It is because everyone loves cookies and eating one just makes you feel good, even if it means Santa has to eat about a billion of them on Christmas Eve. No matter what type of meal you may have, what food you like best or what you want to snack on you can always turn to a cookie to bring a smile to your face. While everyone has their own personal favorite when it comes to cookies, cookie making and cookie eating, there are some that have proven very popular down through the years. Here are some the basic cookies that you simply cannot live without having.

• Chocolate Chip Cookies – Chocolate chips have to be considered the all-time favorite among practically everyone. There is just something about the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe that makes people smile. As soon as you walk in the house and smell them baking you rush to the kitchen because you cannot wait for them to come out of the oven. Having a warm chocolate chip is just like eating a piece of happiness.

The Cookies You Can’t Live Without

• Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – Not everyone may like the idea of eating a cookie that seems like it is supposed to be good for you but the combination of the great oat flavor with some nice, chewy raisins in it sprinkled in with some brown sugar seems to be a great combination that is hard to pass up. Some people prefer these to be warm, soft and chewy while others may like them hard and crispy.

• Peanut Butter Cookies – One of the easiest cookies you can make and one that carries some great flavor, peanut butter cookies are one of the cookies that brings everyone back to their childhood. They are definitely the stick to the roof of your mouth cookie that you need something to drink with and bring you back to the days when Mom had a plate of these ready for you after you came in from playing.

The Cookies You Can’t Live Without

• The Sandwich Cookie – This particular cookie can refer to a lot of things, but people love the idea of the sandwich cookie. Whether it is just the classic Oreo that you get from the package or it is a homemade sandwich cookie with the type of filling that you like best, you can have a real treat in enjoying the crunch, flavor and sweetness of the cookies. You will also likely get into the debate of whether to eat the cookie whole or twist it open and eat the filling first.

There are hundreds of cookie possibilities out there for you to enjoy and you may have a special one from your own childhood that holds a special place for you. The next time you feel like having this delightful treat, head on down to the store to buy a package of your favorite cookies or get the ingredients you need to make your own favorite right in your own kitchen. When you do that, make sure you do it in a car you can trust to get you back and forth. It might be time for you to upgrade with a car from the Nissan Cerritos dealership at You can find the best new and used car options around to suit your needs, and do not forget to bring a cookie or two to the showroom to share with your salesperson.

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