Insight Into TESOL Certificate Program

With businesses operating on a global scale and people immigrating to other countries, the demand of mastering English language skills has intensified across the globe. This is because, the use of the English language makes people a global commodity and strengthens their growth prospects. As the number of people willing to learn English as a foreign language or as a second language is growing like anything, the requirement of teachers certified and trained in TESOL has also increased and so is the worth of tesol certification online and in-class.

What Is TESOL?

TESOL is an acronym for “Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, which comprises TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) and TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

TESL underlines the aspect of teaching English as a second language to the speakers of other languages and is recognized as ESL teaching. In countries like India and Zambia, English is being used as an official language and the main medium of instructing children in schools, colleges and universities.

TEFL puts emphasis on teaching English as a foreign language to the speakers of a country where English is neither official nor a primary language. Natives of countries like Brazil, Russia, China and France show great willingness to master English language skills.

In view of the commitment of professionals towards their work, TESOL certificate program can be pursued online, irrespective of the country and the city.

Who Can Attend TESOL Certificate Program?

Considering the retirement age of 60-65 years in several countries, the most suitable age to enroll for TESOL Certification online is between 21 and 55 years.

On the other hand, the enrollees are required to be at least a high school pass out or equivalent. As certified TESOL teachers without any college degree find it difficult to hold a good position, it is advisable to enroll in this course after successfully accomplishing your college degree of either 2 years or 4 years.

Though previous experience in teaching is not a prerequisite for TESOL Certification online, schools normally look forward to hiring candidates with prior experience or with abilities relevant for the position.

What’s Next after TESOL Certificate Program?

Online TESOL Certificate Program proffers opportunity to acquire the certificate of a recognized and valued program on an online platform. Moreover, institutes provide a self-evaluation report to ascertain that the teachers receive a significant, professional and valued education experience.

On completion of TESOL Certification online, the institute’s support team helps you get places as a teacher in a reputed organization. This may comprise a volunteer or paid job as a teacher in a school or a private organization online.

TESOL graduates can also opt for the option of pursuing freelance or online teaching from the comfort of home or any convenient location. ESL teachers can efficiently work in an ELL classroom as a primary educator or can work along with primary educators as assistant teacher. The sole purpose of ESL teachers is to make sure that ELLs have become fluent enough to meet the standards of a native learner.

To sum up, TESOL certificate provides credentials and opportunities to teach English while working, travelling and living abroad.