Top 3 Transport Solutions In Catania

November 20, 2015 Traveling No Comments

Planning a vacation in Catania? Keep on reading to find out which are the top 3 transport solutions in the city. Being informed is always a positive idea, that’s for sure.

Catania airport taxi

If you wish to opt for Catania airport taxi, you will benefit from convenient services. A suggestion would be pre-booking your taxi in advance. This would be because, the moment you pre-book your taxi, you’ll know for sure that you won’t have any difficulties finding a taxi available at your arrival. If you’re traveling to Catania during peak season, this can happen. Additionally, pre-booking your flight will enable you to receive a discount. Thus, it is practically a win-win situation – you won’t have to wait around for a taxi, and you’ll obtain a discount.

Still, if you don’t manage to pre-book your taxi, in a couple of minutes you should be able to get a taxi, even if the traffic might be problematic. If you don’t book your taxi in advance, you should pay attention to scam drivers that might not turn on the meter, and ask for a higher flare. In this case, establish a price before entering the car.

Public Transport in Catania

Concerning public transport in Catania, you should know that there are regular bus rides from the airport to the train station every 20 minutes. The flare of a one-way ticket is only 2 euros. There are smaller buses that navigate on the narrow, crowded streets in Catania.

The network of public transport in Catania is scheduled, and there are buses that will take you basically everyplace in Catania. Still, we recommend you should consider checking the schedules linked to every bus ride, to make sure that you have available public transportation when you need it. Additionally, do make sure you validate your ticket when you get on the bus. Look for the orange machine in the vehicle or ask the driver. If be it the case you get caught without a validated ticket, you will be subject to a fine of 50 euros.

Car rental in Catania

If you wish to explore the extended surroundings in the proximity of Catania, a positive idea would be opting for renting a car. Make sure to opt for the services of a reputable car rental companies, and always consider full coverage insurance that will protect you be it the case an accident occurs.

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