Pearl Set – How To Find Out Genuine Pearl Jewelry

A pearl set is a precious jewelry that should be taken care of properly. Today’s jewelry lovers highly acknowledged the value of pearl in the jewelry fashion world. With the popularity of pearls come people who are creating counterfeit or substandard pearl jewelry. If you want to add a pearl set to your jewelry collection, then it is important to know the different tests you can use to spot genuine pearls from fake ones. Some of the common tests are as follows.

Friction Test

This is one of the oldest yet proven effective ways to test the authenticity of the pearl. To do the test, all you need are two pearls and gently rub them against each other. Look for signs of resistance as it is an indicator that the pearl is genuine. If it is unbelievably smooth and phony, then there is an indicator that the pearl is fake.

Surface Magnification

As the name suggests, you will need a magnifier to check the authenticity of the pearl. Place the pearl beneath the magnifier and look for scaly and fine-grained. Synthetic pearls have speckled and grainy appearance.

Pearl Set – How To Find Out Genuine Pearl Jewelry

Have the Pearls Professionally Checked

Surface magnification and friction test are the two methods you can do right in your own home. If you are not confident with the two aforementioned methods, then the best option is to have your pearl set checked professionally.  A professional jeweler checks the pearl, appraise it, and have it certified. Professional jeweler takes into account the nacre or the calcium carbonate solution. The jeweler also considers the luster, color, shape, size, and types of pearls when appraising the value of the pearls.

When buying a pearl jewelry piece it is important to ask a certificate or proof of authenticity. A highly reputable pearl jewelry seller does not have a problem showing you certificates and other authenticity proofs. If the seller can’t provide you a certificate, then it is a sign for you to choose another jeweler.

Although the certificate is a solid proof, still it is best to have the pearl appraised and checked to find out whether you get the real value of what you are paying. We all know that pearls are a bit expensive and it is not practical to pay for such a high price, especially if you are not so sure of the exact value of the pearl. To be safe, purchase pearl sets from a highly reputable source.

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