I Need Help To Sell My House Fast!

The Bell family purchased their home 10 years with the hopes it would be the last home they would ever purchase and would be the dwelling where their grandchildren would come for family holidays in the years to come. With its charming garden set amidst the matured apple and lemon trees, and the beautiful rock fence surrounding the property it had been their dream home. Unfortunately, life had other plans for the Bells.

Mr. Bell recently became redundant two months ago and has been struggling to make his mortgage payments, with his wife Beth unable to work, life was becoming very stressful indeed. Their home in Middlesbrough is quite lovely and they have kept it well maintained over the years, but now they are facing a repossession for being in considerable arrears. With increasing debt, and no relief in sight, the family has made the decision to decision to put their property on the market for a quick sale. In order to prevent a repossession and possible eviction there was no other choice to be made. It was a difficult decision since it is the home their three children have grown up in. Unfortunately, it has not sold yet, bringing the property closer to being repossessed than is comfortable.

They listed the property with an Estate Agent weeks ago after attempting to sell it themselves. They have not had even one request for a viewing since the decision to sell their family home was made. Things are looking bleak for the Bells. With no inkling as to why their lovely home is not selling or even receiving any notice from potential purchasers, they are becoming desperate.

Two weeks ago when Beth had to make a trip to Morrisons Supermarket to pick up some potatoes and chicken needed for the evening meal, she bumped into her best friend Hazel. After a conversation centered on the well-being of their respective families, Beth explained her family’s current financial dilemma. Hazel remembered having recently talked to one of their old classmates who had experienced a somewhat similar situation.

Their friend Richard’s situation was a little different in that he had to sell his house quickly because he was moving away to take a new job and did not wish to leave his house vacant for long. Hazel began to tell Beth how their classmate sold his Hartlepool property very quickly once he learnt of a Real Estate company called Easy2Sell quick house sales. After contacting the company, within three weeks his property was sold.

“This may just be the answer to getting your property sold,” Hazel told Beth. She went on to explain the company specializes not only in quick house sales but they have protected many people from being repossessed. Hazel went on to tell Beth, “They assessed Richard’s case, and had their legal team contact his lender.” Richard swore by them, when she had talked to him. He had told her how courteous and professional they were when he dealt with them. He found their website, filled out a request for contact and received an immediate call back from their home buying team. It was quick and easy!

When Beth returned home, she sat down with her husband and told him what Hazel had told her. After she finished Beth said, “Love, I think it’s time we try to move forward and contact that company Hazel told me about this afternoon. It just may be the answer we have been hoping for.”

Whether it’s due to financial difficulties or the need arises to sell your property quickly, call Easy2Sell today for a quick and painless way to sell your property.

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