2 Cloud Solutions For Engineers

Engineering is a multifaceted and dynamic field where time is of the essence. Cloud based solutions such as SharePoint and hosted virtual desktop play a vital role in saving time and cost by letting engineers collaborate and access their work anytime from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Cloud Based SharePoint

SharePoint hosted on a cloud not only provides engineers a secure place to store, organize, share and access information but it also provides added benefits such as:

  • Disaster recovery
  • High availability
  • Reduced cost of ownership

Disaster Recovery: 

Disaster recovery in cloud entails keeping and maintaining backup copies of enterprise data. Let’s consider an example of a firm using cloud based SharePoint solution for engineering / asset document management and control. The firm can rest easy that their precious data is regularly backed up and kept safe in cloud storage. This data is easily retrievable and kept under layers of encryption with predefined and pre-configured access privileges.

High Availability:

Cloud based SharePoint solutions as compared to on premises SharePoint deployment provide higher availability. There’s almost infinite and scalable instant access plus connectivity available for engineers to collaborate on mission critical content. Data sharing and communication between SharePoint farms (on premises SharePoint deployments in multiple geographical locations) in far reaches of the globe are made seamless, with downtime, errors and disruptions nearly obliterated.

Reduced Cost of Ownership 

SharePoint solutions hosted in cloud reduce overall cost of ownership by providing provisions such as virtual storage, automated failback and failover systems. These provisions if availed through on premises SharePoint deployment could incur a hefty cost.  For all your cloud based SharePoint needs refer to https://www.cloudappsportal.com. This site contains complete compendium of cloud based sharepoint solutions including servidor sharepoint which can be fully customized and customized according to customer specifications.

Benefits of Hosted Virtual Desktop 

Imagine a firm that has a host of engineers deployed in multiple far off locations. Using hosted virtual desktop, these engineers can reap several advantages. For starters, engineers are freed from the worries of having optimized hardware to access resource intensive applications for their work. They can use low configured devices to connect to their hosted virtual desktop which will have all their required applications ready to use. The supporting hardware these applications use will be taken care of by the hosted virtual desktop service provider. This effectively means that engineers are at a liberty to access their pre-configured desktop from anywhere in the world. Other advantages of hosted virtual desktop are as follows:

Cost Effective 

Hosted virtual desktop cuts cost by rendering customers free of hardware and software dependencies. There’s no need to worry about procuring the latest in hardware or worry about unpredictable software upgrades. The hosted virtual desktop service provider takes care of it all.  This drastically cuts down the hardware procurement expenditure and circumvents the need of having dedicated staff on premises to carry out these necessary upgrades.

Data Loss Prevention and Security

Let’s consider an example where all the aforementioned engineers have their own dedicated workstations. What happens if there’s virus infiltration in the local official network? All the precious and critical data on individual workstations is bound to get effected which will cause unnecessary setbacks. Using hosted desktop service, this catastrophe can be avoided as the data will be stored on a remote server. Using virtual desktop service also puts in place top notch security measures which not only secure data but provide multi-layered protection against virus infiltration and data leakage.

Enhanced Mobility 

Last but certainly not the least, boon of using virtual desktop service is the ability of accessing personal computer files, applications and data from anywhere using devices such as mobiles, tablets etc. The data can be accessed on the go and will remain available irrespective of time constraints. If you are looking to avail virtual desktop services, go to https://www.clouddesktoponline.com  and find virtual desktop online. It is a very viable and trust-able place to start.

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