Understanding The Types Of Urinary Incontinence

Incontinence can be a very difficult medical condition. It can cause embarrassment and even lead to a low confidence levels in individuals. The urge to urinate takes over the individual to such extent that controlling it may be impossible. This may lead to leakage of partial or total urine. There are several medical conditions that can be reason for such a condition. However, before the situation become severe it is worthwhile to indulge in some kegel exercises. There are a number of kegel exerciser device available in the market that it is worth to invest in one.

It is essential to understand that women are more prone to such urinary incontinence. They are vulnerable due to the fact that pregnancy, vaginal childbirth and menopause are regarded as the major reasons for incontinence in women. The incontinence issues can be classified according to the types like:

Understanding The Types Of Urinary Incontinence

Stress Incontinence

When you laugh or sneeze, you may experience a sudden leak of urine beyond control. This can cause inconvenience. The pelvic muscles get damaged when they stretch during pregnancy and childbirth. Some of the high energy sports can also have a drastic impact on pelvic floor muscles. Though it is essential to get the medical treatment in case of severe incontinence, you can always reduce the condition by working on the kegel exerciser device.

Urge Incontinence

It is also termed as overactive bladder. There will be an urge to urinate but before reaching the toilet, there can be complete loss of urine. Spasms in the urinary bladder muscles can be the reason for this incontinence. Parkinson’s disease and some kind of infection in the tract can also be other reasons.

Mixed Incontinence

There can be several reasons for such kind of incontinence. You could feel the urge to urinate and can also be due to stress like cough and sneezing. That is the reasons they are typed as mixed incontinence. Many women suffer from such mixed condition.


This is another type of incontinence. Despite emptying the bladder completely, you still have the urge to urinate quite often. Some women also feel urine dribbling and wetting their under garment. This can again be very embarrassing. The reason is due to the bladder muscle contraction being affected. Several medications and nerve damage can be reason for this type of incontinence. Medical practitioners also state diabetes as one of the culprits for such incontinence.

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