Never Get Turned Down For Travel Insurance Due To A Pre-Existing Condition

Travelling is a really great way to spend your time because it allows for you to learn about different cultures and peoples, and to eat different foods too. The problem that many people encounter when wanting to travel abroad is finding the right kind of travel insurance. Travel insurance is very important to get because you don’t want to be left uncovered in a foreign country, as that’s going to end up costing you a lot of money if you get hurt or sick. An even bigger problem than actually finding a good travel insurance plan is finding one when you have a pre-existing medical condition. Thankfully, there are a few travel insurance companies out there that are more than willing to supply you with travel insurance for a pre-existing medical condition specifically designed to fit your needs.

Never Get Turned Down For Travel Insurance Due To A Pre-Existing Condition

What Is a Pre-Existing Condition?

In short, a pre-existing medical condition is any health issue that you may have experienced or are experiencing before you try and take out an insurance policy. When applying for travel insurance, you will need to provide documents regarding your entire health-related history, and you will need to complete a medical screening process as well. A pre-existing condition will also affect your chances of getting travel insurance even if the condition no longer affects you; if it has been diagnosed in the past, then it counts as a pre-existing condition. Some things that insurers will want to know is if you are on or ever have been on any prescription medications, as well as any history of heart, lung, brain, circulatory and/or cancer-related issues. Pretty much, anything that can affect your current health will be taken into consideration when applying for any kind of travel insurance.

The Cost of a Pre-Existing Condition

For many people with a pre-existing medical condition, it can be extremely difficult to find an insurance provider that is willing to take the risk and cover you. However, Medical Travel Compared specialise in providing cover for those with pre-existing medical conditions so that you don’t have to worry about not being covered for a specific condition while travelling abroad. Most insurance providers may simply turn you down for having a pre-existing condition, but a great provider will simply take your condition into account and create an insurance policy designed just for you. It may be a little more expensive to factor in a pre-existing medical condition into an insurance policy, but that is still infinitely better than not receiving any insurance coverage at all. This is especially important when travelling abroad, because medical care in other countries can be very expensive and unreliable.

Why Get Pre-Existing Medical Condition Travel Insurance?

It is very important for anybody with a pre-existing medical condition to get travel insurance that covers that condition. This is because while most travel insurance plans will cover things like injury and repatriation, they won’t cover the costs of treating a pre-existing medical condition. Don’t get left with a massive bill in a foreign country because you decided not to cover yourself for a condition that you were aware of before ever applying for insurance to begin with. It’s much easier to cover the insurance costs for a pre-existing condition than it is to cover the treatment costs in a foreign country. A great service provider will be able and willing to supply you with a pre-existing medical condition insurance plan to suit your needs in order to keep you safe from harm and large medical bills.

Get Your Travel Insurance Online

One of the easiest ways to get yourself ready to travel and covered for a pre-existing medical condition while journeying abroad is to get said insurance online. It’s much easier than going to your local insurance brokers and spending hours of your time waiting in their offices, just to get turned down at the end of the day. Simply go online and apply for travel insurance; it’s as easy as just using your computer. You can even go through online health screening processes to make things that much easier. There’s no more going to the insurance providers and the doctors in person, because you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.

Different Destinations

Different countries and different places around the world will have varying degrees of risk when it comes to getting sick or getting injured. Therefore, medical insurance for travelling can also vary in how much it costs depending on where you are going. Standard plans will include places like North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia. Since all of these places have different types of illnesses, terrain and climates, travel to each of them will require a slightly different type and level of insurance plan. All you have to do is go online, say where you are going, go through an online medical screening process and apply for your pre-existing medical condition travel insurance without any hassle at all. Ultimately, the final price will be based on the pre-existing medical conditions that you have as well as the part of the world that you intend to visit.

Travel Insurance for Seniors

If you are a senior, then it is even more important to get medical insurance, because as the human body gets older, it also gets more susceptible to injury and illness. A lengthy hospital stay and running up huge medical bills in a foreign country is not the ideal way to spend a holiday. That’s why it’s crucial to get travel insurance for a pre-existing medical condition, especially if you are a senior. Also, seniors tend to have more ailments than younger people do; in other words, older people are very likely to have pre-existing medical conditions that may stop them from getting certain types of insurance. However, a great insurance provider will take into account the age of the person, the destination, as well as all pre-existing medical conditions. They will take all of this into account and create an insurance policy that will cover everything from cancellation and accidents, to injury, illness, hospital stays and repatriation too. Being a senior doesn’t mean that you have to spend the rest of your life in your home. You can still travel—just make sure that you have adequate cover for the eventuality that something could go wrong.

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