Using Solar Panels At Our House

Many homeowners are considering adding solar panels in their house. This technology promises significant advantages. In fact, advantages could actually overwhelm the disadvantages. Solar panels are used in many areas, such as homes, offices and industrial facilities. Latest solar panels are more efficient and last longer. Solar power can be considered as the ultimate clean and free energy, other than hydrogen cells. We won’t need dirty fuel and the system doesn’t have any kind of emission. Sun is actually the source of much of our energy, including fossil fuel. Using solar power to keep our heaters, air condition unit and refrigerators running could be quite appealing.

Using Solar Panels At Our House

The biggest question is whether solar cells are enough to run those power-hungry appliances. Also, there’s no sun during the night, so we will eventually need other energy sources. In reality, we shouldn’t rely entirely on solar power. It should be considered as complementary energy source. By using solar power to its fullest potential, we should be able to significantly reduce power usages and we don’t need to pay expensive electricity bills. The sun energy is eco friendly and it is infinite. The huge ball of plasma will switch off in a few billions of years, so we will have more than enough time to harness its power.

On the other hand, fossil fuel is much more limited and there’s no guarantee that it will be cheap enough to use in the next 100 years. Eventually, after it becomes uneconomical to extract fossil fuel, we will need to use clean energy sources. However, despite its huge advantages we should also consider its disadvantages. Regardless of the latest developments in solar energy, photovoltaic cells are still quite expensive. These cells are needed to convert sun radiation into usable, DC electricity. The process of storing the energy could also be expensive and other than the photovoltaic cells, we also need to install other equipments.

Fortunately, there are ways we can do to make sure that solar solutions are appropriate for our home. There are DIY solar panel systems that we can use. This should help us save a lot of cash. Amazon and other online retail websites are selling these DIY kits for aspiring solar energy users. It is also important to purchase a good battery to store energy collected from the sun. A reliable battery system can be quite expensive, but it should eventually pay off. Excellent batteries should allow us more effectively store electricity. Electricity generated could peak during the day and we could release it during the night. This will reduce our dependency on power grid and we don’t have to pay as much.

Before purchasing, we should make sure that we compare these DIY solar panels. They need to be reliable enough and last longer. Some cheaper models could have older types of photovoltaic cells that don’t capture as much energy and they may not last long compared to the newer models. Another critical factor is connecting solar panel with our current electricity system.

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