Your Home Needs A Makeover

It’s not even spring yet, and you’re starting to get the itch to make significant repairs to your home and property. Things you have left undone have started to cause your dwelling to look less than stellar. Even your neighbors have commented that your place is not the pride of the neighborhood anymore. You have to admit, they might just be right. Fortunately, with spring and summer around the corner, the weather will finally be warm enough to tackle all the home improvement projects on your to do list. The following are a few suggestions to give your home a brand new look: one that might just make your neighbors a little jealous.

The Landscape Needs Some Work

When it comes to making your home look like a million bucks, it helps to take a long, hard look at the grounds around your home. The general ebb and flow of the landscape will often give off a good or bad vibe to onlookers. Correcting bald patches in the yard, removing unruly bushes and leveling out dips with fill dirt are all great ways to breathe new life into your home’s curbside appeal. Nourishing your lawn so that it is green, rather than brown and withered, will also help to spice things up a bit. It might even be time to add a few fruit trees for shade and enjoyment.

The Oil Stains

You love that old, gold Chevy you have held on to since college. Unfortunately, it has leaked oil down your driveway for years. As a result, the first impression people get when they drive by your home is summed up in the word: tacky. Using the proper chemicals to draw out the oil and make the cement a uniform color throughout would sure help to provide your driveway with a much needed facelift.

A New Garage Door

It is a little hard to miss. Every time you pull your car into the driveway, that old, rusted out garage door stares you right back in the face. Of course, that dent where your brother-in-law backed his truck into the garage door last month doesn’t make your home look very inviting either. This time around, instead of going with the manual pull and drop style door, you thought it might be more functional to have an automatic garage door installed instead. If you’re serious about it, check with your local garage door company, most of them will give you a free advice on what door is best suited for your home and your needs.

Repairing the Roof

Late in November a rough storm came through and knocked some shingles around. The wet, cold weather made it difficult to want to fix the damage. Now that you have sat back and considered the matter more carefully, putting a brand new metal roof on your home would truly make your residence look fantastic. It might also help keep your cooling bill down in the summer months as well, since a metal roof reflects sunlight away from your home. In addition, once you have a metal roof installed, the need to replace your roof again will likely not come about again for a very long time.

A New Paint Job

It has been a while since the last time your home was covered in a fresh coat of paint. Patches along the west wall have begun to chip away, exposing the material underneath to the elements. Before weather damage sets in, you begin to think that it might be time to slap on a new coat of paint. Not really all that enthused with the white color your house has been sporting the last few years, you think that a nice metallic blue might be a much better color to work with this time around. This way your home will not stick out so much with respect to other homes in the neighborhood and blend into the local scenery more nicely.


Once you are finished with all the items on your to do list, your home is sure to regain the warm complements it used to solicit from the neighbors. Taking pride in your home will also provide your neighbors with an incentive to improve the look of their homes as well. Before you know it, your end of the street might start to look like the nicer part of the neighborhood again.

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