Healthy digestion:

All the different parts or organs of a human body are dependent upon the digestive system which generates the energy for it to perform properly. When the digestive system starts to go poor, then the appearance of all types illnesses and body conditions take place which would if left unchecked can ruin the health of the person altogether. Talking of the digestive system, the smooth running and functioning of the whole body is taken care of in the liver and other organs such as the spleen, and more that gives out their own digestive juices to help break down the food into very minute particles that become easy to assimilate for the intestines later on and the assimilation of the nutrients is essential for the general health of the person. Being gifted with a good working liver is quite a blessing for the person as it helps not just in digestion but also in keeping the right weight level for the height. A larger liver which functions well is essential to keep the whole body lean and attractive.


Natural remedies:

There are many natural remedies that are available in the pharmaceuticals market and there are many synthetic products and formulations that claim to help in a sluggish digestive system and make it work wonderfully well and speed up the metabolism. Of all the natural remedies available, the most wanted of them all as of these days, has been Artemisia annua which is used as a liver tonic to improve the liver condition and to cure any deficiencies that might be affecting the productivity of the vital organ. The herb is used for several hundred years in china and it is a vital ingredient in the Chinese traditional Medicine where it is preferred over others to treat infections from fungi and viruses, it is used to treat malaria and also inflammations. The molecule that is contained in the extract of the herbal remedy is known as thujone and is a restorative ingredient and also works as an antioxidant that helps in preventing fast ageing condition.

This is serious!

One must not restrict to the thought that Artemisia is used only in the infection treatment but more seriously, it has been used to treat cancer, the bane of the modern society now. Even though concrete evidence does not exist, the formulation is administered to prevent the same. It is also used as a perfume for its aromatic properties and it is also a immune booster that levels and balances the immunity and helps it perform in a normal condition. It is an antioxidant which eliminates the toxic substances that are found within the human body and when the free radicals or the toxins are flushed out, the person regains his health and spirits all over again.

Ageing process:

The extract from the herb helps in slowing ageing and prevents the appearances of ageing and the symptoms thereof. This is used by more than millions of people who are suffering from malaria. This is one of the safest and most economical ways to treat malaria. When you opt for chemical formulations, the cost of treatment itself becomes very expensive until the condition is cured. It is used to treat fever, perspiration, it is an antispasmodic agent, and it works as a carminative and assists in treating gas which might cause a lot of pain in the body especially the abdominal area.

For the throat:

The throat conditions can also be treated using Artemisia, as it works as a bronchial dilator in the lugs but above all it is used as a liver tonic .




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