Use Sterile or Non-Sterile Gloves To Reduce Health Risks

If you work in the food processing, chemical processing or clean room industry, to reduce any kind of health risks, wear sterile or non-sterile gloves. Online suppliers of disposable protective clothing and contamination control products sell high quality latex sterile and non-sterile gloves at affordable prices.

Use Sterile or Non-Sterile Gloves To Reduce Health Risks

All disposable gloves are sold in cartons of ten boxes with one hundred gloves in each box. They are powder free having a chlorinated finish which makes them easy to put on. Sterile or non-sterile gloves contain natural rubber latex so if you’re allergic to this substance, it’s advisable to stop wearing them. Rubber gloves:-

  • Are ambidextrous in design

  • Have a rolled cuff

  • Are soft, easy to fit and smooth to wear

It’s recommended not to use them when handling corrosive liquids.

Different types of gloves available

There are many different types of gloves available to order via the net. Sterile gloves are ideal for surgeons as they offer high levels of resistance to:-

  1. Tears

  2. Viral penetration

  3. Alcohol-based hand disinfectants

These types of gloves are perfect for wearing in labs, clean rooms and when dealing with health applications. Choose blue vinyl gloves for minimal risk health applications. Blue vinyl rubber gloves can be used when handling food or dilute chemicals. They are free from natural latex so are safe to use by people who are latex-sensitive. Protect yourself against dirt, contamination and potential irritants by wearing rubber gloves at all times. Your health is very important, so be wise and wear gloves when necessary.

It’s so easy to place an order

Ordering Dermagrip blue Nitrile gloves for instance couldn’t be easier. These gloves do not contain natural latex and do not exhibit any chemical residue levels. They are bio-compatible and great to use for medical examinations by emergency response people, medical waste handlers and decontamination experts. Non-sterile and sterile gloves are thick and strong with better puncture resistance.

All you need to do to order this particular type of glove is:-

  • Choose the size you require, small, medium, large or XL

  • The quantity you need

  • Press the “buy now” button

If you do need any help, online customer service advisers are more than happy to assist you. For first orders, you can place an order by email, post or fax. Once you’ve received your order, when you want to buy more products whether it’s rubber gloves, sterile garments, oversleeves or disposable lab coats, you can telephone your requirements.

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Spend some time reading blogs and always make sure to keep your hands protected.

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