Don’t You Think You Should Know About Water Filter – How It Really Works?

Air and water are two critical things, which are essential for survival. The changing conditions in the environment and pollution all around have lots of impurities mingled with water like bacteria, protozoa, parasites and more. Secondly, the water dissolves things marvelously, which again makes it prone to attract impurities in it.

A human being is composed of 2/3 of water and taking impure water leads to various diseases. The cleaned filtered water is the necessity of the day considering various factors that contaminates the water. Here’s where the role of water filter comes in. The technology of filtering water has changed drastically but the basics are the same. Let us learn more about the working of water filter and reasons behind it.

Don’t You Think You Should Know About Water Filter - How It Really Works?

Basics of Water Filter:

The concept of water filter is simply to capture all the undesirables that cannot be seen by naked eye. It is the process of removing all the dissolved microscopic bugs and contaminants and cleans the water. The process of water filtration is done at water treatment plant and at home.

Municipal Treatment:

At this level, specialized water treatment plants are installed and water is cleaned at various stages. It is done through cleaning the visible particles by using mesh screen and polymers.

In the next stage, different types of sand filters, biological filters such as algae are used to remove the dangerous bacteria and other viruses.

Thereafter chemical treatment is done using chlorine, ultraviolet light, ozone gas to remove harmful pathogens. This water is then reached to home through pipelines.

Home Filters:

Though the water is cleaned at municipal level, the water does not remain in its pure form because of interconnected pipelines. The water flowing through pipelines from treatment plant till it reaches home might get mixed with aging water system of pipelines, leakages through sewage system etc.

Thus it becomes important to treat the water at home to make it drinkable and usable for cooking. There are different types of filtration methods available and many companies offer various system of filtration for home usage. Let us see some of them.

  • Sediment filters:

The sediment filters are used to remove dirt and other particles in the form of fine sieves. This helps in increasing the age of water purifier as it acts as pre-filter by clogging unwanted media. This are mounted under the sink – made up of coarse and fine material such as rigid foam, wound string or pleated film.

  • Activated carbon filters

Carbon filters are used to remove odor, color, and unpleasant taste of the water. It lowers the level of chlorine based pesticides, industrial chemicals, organic substances which in turn leads to increasing the taste of the water.

The carbon filter are made up of wood, lignite, coconut and coal in the form of blocks or granular. Carbon filters are very fine hence they should not be exposed to heavy organic impurities and sediments and thereby lesser its self-life.

  • Ceramic Filters:

This has hollow ceramic core that can effectively protect against bacteria, sediments and help in filtering about 0.9micron absolute. This can be used in lieu of standard pleated filter or else used with an additional carbon block to increase the odor and taste of the water.

  • Reverse Osmosis:

Popularly known as RO water, it is used commonly and extensively in all the houses. It helps in removing total dissolved solids, radioactive elements, toxic metals and other forms of impurities.

It is a process wherein the contaminated water is pressurized through membrane containing fine filter, ultrafine semi-permeable membrane to get clean water while the contaminants remain behind.

A standard RO consist of series of four filters attached with storage tank namely sediment filter, carbon block, membrane and activated carbon block.

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Thus, water purifiers play a vital role in maintaining your body’s defense system to water borne disease. Utmost care should be taken and product specification and recommendation should be followed strictly while choosing the right filtration method.

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