4 Ways Of Finding Your Employment Report

Stressed about finding a good employment report? Worry not. Here are for easy and exciting ways for you to find the information that you need regarding your past employment experiences, achievements as well as downfalls. Basically, an employment report tackles everything regarding your previous employments including the good and the bad.

4 Ways Of Finding Your Employment Report

Therefore, here are 4 exciting and easy ways of finding your employment report;

  1. Do it Yourself – if you have a good memory, then you can create your own personal employment history verification report. All you need to do is match the dates with the specific work places and monthly earnings. You should also remember to indicate why you left your previous places of work. By so doing, your next employee will have an easy time trying to know you, your abilities and your skills.
  2. Social Security administration – by filling a ‘request for social security earnings information’ will give you details of our previous places of work and the respective earnings, your former employers – their names address and so on. Basically, if you cannot remember any details about your past work life, you can obtain the report courtesy of Social Security Administration. However, as easy as this may sound, it is important for you to understand that you cannot access the information without verifying your social security number.
  3. Tax Returns – do you save copies of your tax returns? Good for you if you do. This is because the tax returns will give you accurate company information which you can use to estimate your dates of employment. If you haven’t saved any tax return copies, you can also request for them via tax related channels.
  4. Your Former Employers – sometimes, we might remember where we worked but we fail to remember for how long we worked in that particular place. If this is the case for you, then you can reach out to your former employers for answers. The employer will give you accurate dates as well as monthly earnings and any other past employment experience that might be of help trying to find a job.

Why You Need to Know Your Employment History:

It is hard to know your previous employment duration or places of work or even your previous monthly earnings; especially if you have had a lot of jobs. Keeping track of your personal employment history is very important when applying for a new job.

Most companies need an accurate and well detailed report of where you have worked before and the positions you served. When you have a lot of jobs, you might end up confused and unsure of what to say or write in your application. Luckily, you can now get an employment history before applying for a job or going for an interview. By so doing, you will be prepared for any questions the employer might ask in regards to your past employment.

Some possible avenues for you to get well detailed background information include social security administration, internal revenue service and of course from former employers. Therefore, if you do not remember specific details, go ahead and outsource your history for more accurate information.

Important Point to Note:

If your employer senses discrepancy between your application and what is stated in your employment history verification report, he might see this as a red flag. Even the smallest of mistakes like wrong dates can jeopardize your chances of securing a job.

About Author: Carter Johnsons is a content writer and freelance blogger for a local magazine. She also works for a local organization as a hiring manager. In her line of duty, Carter has managed to leave informative pieces on the importance of employment history and background checks on her blog.

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