The Right Diet For Gym Goers

Spending hours sweating it out in the gym is work half done. The right diet is an absolute essential while losing weight (or gaining it!), while shaping up your body. And fruits are not your only options. Your diet needs to vary before and after a workout. It needs to be balanced, ensuring you get all the required nutrients. Before reading this article, have a look the basics of gym diet plan.

Consult a Dietician

A lot of us might take this lightly, but one can’t over emphasize the importance of consulting a dietician in this regard. In fact, consulting a dietician should be the first step when it comes to embarking on your fitness journey. Depending on the kind of exercises you do and whether you wish to lose or gain weight, your recommended diet may vary. Your height, weight, body mass index and even your lifestyle can affect the kind of nutrients your meal needs to focus on. However, it is fair to say that certain food items are pretty much a safe bet.

A dietician will also take into account your meal needs, your schedule and suggest a diet accordingly. There is no substitute for professional advice.

Bust Some Myths

The concept that you shouldn’t eat anything before a workout is a myth. On the contrary it is recommended that you have a healthy and light snack before hitting the gym. An empty stomach before the gym can be harmful and burn out your body. It can be fruits or fruit smoothies, as per your preference. A bowl of yogurt, eggs or even a sandwich can work, but hold off the cheese for now. A heavy meal before a workout is still a no-no.

Before the Workout

The aim is to fill up your body with protein and carbohydrate goodness to keep your body energised during the workout. If your gym has an on-floor nutritionist and can offer dietary recommendations, do not hesitate to ask. Some gyms, like Talwalkar’s, are very useful in this manner. They are preferred especially by people looking to lose weight, for they have a number of nutritionists and dieticians on their team.

The Right Gym

Of course, choosing the right gym is the first step. If you don’t have the right gym and trainer, all diet plans will go invain.

After the Workout

Your post-workout meal should also be heavy on good carbs, proteins and essential vitamins. This includes salads, fruits, dried fruits and milk and cereal. Grab a bagel as breakfast if you work out in the mornings or hummus and pita bread if it’s almost dinner time. Fruit smoothies are a good option at almost any given time. And if you want to indulge yourself a bit, make some chocolate milk!

So get ready to enjoy your workout sessions even more with these additions to your meals. There is only one way your fitness can go now, and that’s up.

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